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  • Plant Vaccines

  • Plant Vaccines

    Plant Vaccines

    Plant vaccines are modulators of the innate immune response of plants. Innate immunity is the natural mechanism plants have developed throughout their evolution and is therefore the strongest and most effective. Innate immunity involves a series of signalling pathways that lead to biochemical responses different from those known to date, thus offering new alternatives to improve the yield and quality of crops, especially under difficult conditions...

  • Plant Biostimulants

    The functional use of the ingredients contained in these products, when they are applied to plants or to the rhizosphere, is to improve plant development, vigour, yield and quality, through the stimulation of natural processes that benefit growth and of responses to abiotic stress such as high or low temperatures, lack of water, excess of salts, etc. They have an influence on the primary metabolism of plants: photosynthesis, respiration, solute transport, translocation

  • Cromar  - Plant Biostimulant

    Cromar - Plant Biostimulant

    cromar contains natural compounds named fructans, which are chains of oligosaccharides of fructose with an action based mainly on alleviating or minimising the effects of high temperatures on the denaturation of anthocyanins.

  • Strensil - Plant Biostimulant

    Strensil - Plant Biostimulant

    Biostimulant composed of glucosamine silicate, which improves the mechanical resistance of the vascular and epidermal cells of stems, leaves and fruit. This enhances their structural integrity and rigidity and results in stronger and more compact plants, with greater vigour, stability and appearance.

  • Rental - Plant Biostimulant

    Rental - Plant Biostimulant

    Biostimulant with a fast physiological action designed to improve the microbiological and physico-chemical conditions of the soil for optimum nutrient absorption and transport, and to favour root development and the formation of absorbing roots, so the crop can overcome post-transplant states of stress. The special synergy of humic and fulvic acids and the algae extract allows the product to be used in foliar applications, from the...

  • Treline - Plant Biostimulant

    Treline - Plant Biostimulant

    Biostimulant of the energy processes of the Krebs cycle responsible for the degradation of the accumulated reserve substances, leading to the formation of molecules rich in energy, such as ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and GTP (guanosine triphosphate), which are necessary to accelerate the initial development of buds and give trees greater leaf density in a shorter amount of time, so they can photosynthesise a larger amount of...

  • Primarenc - Plant Biostimulant

    Primarenc - Plant Biostimulant

    Primarenc and the effects of temperature on flowering and fruit set in vegetables. The significant effect of temperature on flowering is well-documented. Studies in peppers have demonstrated the effects of night temperatures on the female and male organs of flowers. The results all showed that, when night temperatures go down from 20 °C to 12-10 °C, the ovary is large and the length of the style is reduced. Furthermore, the...

  • Plant Biostress

    When applied to plants at the start of conditions that are favourable to the development of diseases, these products improve their tolerance, as they minimise the oxidative action of biotic stress. They are formulated with non-toxic, biodegradable substances that do not leave any residues.

  • Micocel - Plant Biostress

    Micocel - Plant Biostress

    In this test, three applications of micocel at a dose of 3 kg/ha were carried out. The results were compared to those of a control treatment and of a standard chemical treatment. On days 7, 14 and 21 after each treatment, the state of the crop was determined by assessing the degree of infection by the pathogen Pseudoperonospora cubensis. The results indicated that micocel has a very positive effect on the state of the crop.

  • Nobacil - Plant Biostress

    Nobacil - Plant Biostress

    Test carried out on Botrytis Cinerea in courgettes. Five applications of nobacil at a dose of 2 kg/ha were compared with a standard chemical treatment. The test demonstrated that nobacil minimised oxidative stress due to rot caused by Botrytis Cinerea, with no significant differences with the standard chemical treatment.

  • Plant Nutrition

  • Engordone - Plant Nutrition Product

    Engordone - Plant Nutrition Product

    Concentrate for fruit growth. Promotes the synthesis of proteins and enzymes that activate cell growth and division, and mobilises the nutrients from the leaves, stem and root to the fruit, thus acting as an initiator of growth and ripening processes in fruit, without causing tissue degradation.

  • lidavital - Plant Nutrition Product

    lidavital - Plant Nutrition Product

    Promoter of rooting. Reduces the time necessary for roots to branch out and facilitates plant rooting, in addition to attenuating the effect of salinity on roots.

  • lidafol - Model PL - Plant Nutrition Product

    lidafol - Model PL - Plant Nutrition Product

    Promoter of flowering. Special formulation with a direct impact on pre-flowering processes. Favours flower induction, activates bud development, increases hydrocarbon reserves and supplies phosphorus after its significant decrease due to flowering.

  • Lidamino - Plant Nutrition Product

    Lidamino - Plant Nutrition Product

    Promoter of enzymatic processes in the cell, composed of plant amino acids. Promotes plant growth and development at times when its needs are higher, such as flowering, fruit set, fruit development, after pruning, etc.