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  • Drip Irrigation Systems

    Drip Irrigation Systems

    Life Irrigation provides the Ecodrip range of drip irrigation products to facilitate automatic watering solutions for garden and landscape irrigation systems. The Ecodrip™ irrigation products we supply and install are very high quality and, when installed and managed properly, can reduce water consumption by almost 90%.

  • Automatic Irrigation System

    Automatic Irrigation System

    Life Irrigation installs computerised equipment which will control the intelligent water distribution and smooth operation of your automatic watering system, leaving you to enjoy the benefits of a healthy, well cared for garden, without the necessity for manual intervention.

  • Garden Water Pipes

    Garden Water Pipes

    Life Irrigation uses superior quality garden water pipes such as the Sportspro 10-12.5 Bar MDPE that are used for the main structure of the system and normally laid underground, as well as LDPE pipes that are made from recycled plastic and the EcoDrip™ drip irrigation pipes which are ideal for any irrigation project.