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  • OROS  - Model Cornado Series - Adapter

    OROS - Model Cornado Series - Adapter

    According to several field-test and efficiency measurement it is much more economical to use more rows-numbered header to the bigger, stronger combines during harvesting.

  • Oros - Model Sunflower Series - Crop Headers

    Oros - Model Sunflower Series - Crop Headers

    A perfect solution for sunflower harvesting! Universal: Adaptable to every type of combine!Standard working quality under all circumstances in the most different stocks.Due to the side plates attached on the extension, the field loss is minimal even at the outer lines.Minimal need of maintenance, low weight and low energy need » money saver.Available in 6,8,12 row with fixed frame.

  • Oros - Trailer

    Oros - Trailer

    In order to take easier to transport with wider headers on the road, we offer the OROS Trailer to our customers.With its help you can carry your header according to the travelling rules.Adaptable to all of our headers!

  • Oros - Model HSA Series - Header

    Oros - Model HSA Series - Header

    Modem structural elements.Reliable operation, long life.Minimal maintenance required.Optional accessories to meet different demands.More than 45-year experience in manufacturing.Snapping plate adjustment: centrally from the cabin, mechanical, electrical and hydraulic solutions.

  • Oros - Stubble Stomper

    Oros - Stubble Stomper

    In some corn stalks we recommend to use stubble stumper for protecting the front tyres of the combine. During the harvesting the adapter presses the massive snag of the corn along the course, so the track of the tyre will deteriorate to less extend so its usefull life will be longer.