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  • Pruning

  • Lisam - Model SLY - Orchards - Pneumatic Shears

    Lisam - Model SLY - Orchards - Pneumatic Shears

    Sly pneumatic shears, manufactured by Lisam for many years now, feature blades forged specifically for pruning orchards and made of a special alloy that enables the farmer to also work at low temperatures, without any change in cutting power.To make Sly shears comfortable and productive, Lisam has reduced their weight to just 550 grams and, thanks to the use of a high-performance piston, has...

  • Lisam - Model 2SP - Pneumatic Saw

    Lisam - Model 2SP - Pneumatic Saw

    For cutting up to 20 cm diameter branches. Lisam presents the 2/SP range of pneumatic saws for effortless cutting up to 20 cm in diameter. Built in compliance with EC legislation, each saw features a chain brake which immediately arrests the saw in the event of the bar accidentally recoiling towards the operator. All models are fitted with an automatic lubricator as standard, for easy, limited maintenance and to ensure uninterrupted operation and...

  • Harvesting

  • Lisam - Model Oliwatt 2 - Pneumatic Harvester - Power Comb

    Lisam - Model Oliwatt 2 - Pneumatic Harvester - Power Comb

    Oliwatt 2 is the first electric shaker comb to offer the same performance and productivity as a pneumatic system, while eliminating the need for a cumbersome air compressor. The use of carbon fibre extension arms make the system extremely light yet incredibly strong. This is a battery powered olive harvesting shaker comb, thus needing no compressor. The comb is powered by a latest generation 12V motor offering superior performance and reduced power...

  • Lisam - Model V8 Titanium - Pneumatic Comb

    Lisam - Model V8 Titanium - Pneumatic Comb

    The new V8 Titanium pneumatic comb weighs only 720 g with a power of 2,000 strokes per minute. The lightness of the harvesting instrument is obtained through the use of components in titanium and magnesium and a technopolymer based tooth layout. This structure accentuates its characteristics of robustness and resistance to wear, whilst its remarkable lightness increases manoeuvrability at the same time.

  • Compressors

  • Lisam - Modular Compressor

    Lisam - Modular Compressor

    Lisam has applied its latest technology, together with a comprehensive understanding of the needs of the agricultural industry, in a concentration of intelligent solutions for this new modular compressor. The modular compressor means that the user can choose exactly the right features/price ratio when buying a unit. In future, the system may always be modified or extended to respond to the business’ changing needs, by adding a series of totally...