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  • Harvest- Electric Olive Harvester

  • Oliwatt - Model 2 - Electric Olive Power Comb Harvester

    Oliwatt - Model 2 - Electric Olive Power Comb Harvester

    Oliwatt 2 is the electric harvester designed to facilitate the collection of olives in the roughest terrain. Oliwatt 2 is the first electric shaker comb to offer the same performance and productivity as a pneumatic system, while eliminating the need for a cumbersome air compressor. The use of carbon fibre extension arms make the system extremely light yet incredibly strong. This is a battery powered olive harvesting shaker comb, thus needing no...

  • Oliveco - Electric Olive Power Comb Harvester

    Oliveco - Electric Olive Power Comb Harvester

    Oliveco electric harvester is designed for those who grow olives as a hobby. Lisam’s Oliveco power comb for olive harvesting is dedicated to those who cultivate olive plants as a hobby. The Oliveco harvester comb is lightweight, practical and inexpensive.

  • Harvest- Pneumatic Olive Harvesters

  • Evo - Model V8 - Pneumatic Comb Olive Harvesters

    Evo - Model V8 - Pneumatic Comb Olive Harvesters

    The rakes are equipped with interchangeable blades, arranged in a staggered manner to collect smaller olives. Today, the Lisam pneumatic rake line includes the new V8 Evo. Lisam continually endeavours to create tools for harvesting olives that are increasingly precise and efficient, and in doing so uses only the most resistant, high-tech materials: indeed, the V8 Evo pneumatic rake features a body in magnesium with components in titanium.

  • Titanium - Model V8 - Pneumatic Comb Olive Harvesters

    Titanium - Model V8 - Pneumatic Comb Olive Harvesters

    2.000 strokes per minute, only 720 grams. Based on the experience gained over decades of production of pneumatic tools for agriculture, Lisam created V8 Titanium pneumatic comb, yet lighter and more productive. The new V8 Titanium pneumatic comb weighs only 720 g with a power of 2,000 strokes per minute. The lightness of the harvesting instrument is obtained through the use of components in titanium and magnesium and a technopolymer based tooth...

  • Harvest- Portable Generators

  • Eta Beta - Portable Generator

    Eta Beta - Portable Generator

    Eta Beta is the portable generator to power electric combs during the olive harvest. The performance of the Oliwatt 2 electric comb is even further boosted with the all-new ETA BETA Lisam patented portable generator, powered by a 4-stroke Honda engine. When used by a single operator, ETA BETA may be carried as easily as a backpack, using the shoulder straps supplied. When used to power two electric combs, ETA BETA may be picked up and carried like a...

  • Shoulder Battery Backpack Portable Generator

    Shoulder Battery Backpack Portable Generator

    Lisam created the lithium-ion battery that is worn like a backpack and takes up no space. With 6 hours of autonomy, allowing easy and practical work to harvest the olives. Lisam’s interest in research and innovation in agriculture is expressed as a constant search for concrete solutions aimed at satisfying harvesting needs as they arise. The result is the portable Lithium ion battery, a lightweight and ergonomic tool that is the ideal power...

  • Pruning

  • BLADE - Model GT - Electric Shears

    BLADE - Model GT - Electric Shears

    Blade Gt is the fully programmable electric shear. Powerful and precise, it can cut branches up to 3.5 cm in diameter. Blade GT, Lisam’s first electrically-powered pruning shears, was designed to prune vineyards, olive groves, and orchards. It is powerful, precise, and fast, cutting branches up to a diameter of 35 mm. Blade GT is fully programmable and can be used in either impulse or progressive cutting mode. These shears are lightweight and...

  • Model SLY - Pneumatic Shears

    Model SLY - Pneumatic Shears

    Sly is a professional shear to prune fruit trees, light and easy to use. Sly pneumatic shears can be integrated with extension rods. Lisam pneumatic secateurs are produced in alloy to allow the agricultural worker to operate even at low temperatures with no power variations. They can be fitted onto extension poles, which are sometimes telescopic, to reach higher branches without having to resort to ladders. Lisam also offers manual secateurs and...

  • Pruning- Pneumatic Saw

  • Model SKY - Pneumatic Saw

    Model SKY - Pneumatic Saw

    Sky pneumatic saw facilitates the pruning of parks, orchards and olive groves, thanks to the saw extension bar of 3 mt. Ladders or self-propelled carriages are not necessary.

  • Model 2SP - Pneumatic Saw

    Model 2SP - Pneumatic Saw

    2SP pneumatic saws, for productive, safe and effective pruning. Models are available with chain bars, standard shape or tapered bars.

  • Pruning- Manual Pruning

  • Ultralight Manual Shears

    Ultralight Manual Shears

    For pruning fruit trees and garden plants. The super-lightweight shears for an effortless manual pruning. These two 19 cm ultralight manual secateurs have been specially developed for prolonged use, to prevent hand fatigue.

  • Traditional Shears

    Traditional Shears

    Pruning shears with double-edged blade. Clean and precise cut for pruning that leaves no residue on the branch. The manual dual cutting action blades meet at the centre of the branch, thus reducing the effort required and facilitating the rapid healing of the branch. The resulting cut is perfectly clean.

  • Tytron Branch Cutter

    Tytron Branch Cutter

    For pruning fruit trees and greenery. Tytron is the latest generation branch cutter with double hinge lever that does not tire the operator during pruning work.

  • Traditional Cutter

    Traditional Cutter

    For manual pruning of fruit trees and garden. Classical pruning cutters, one of the first tools made by Lisam. The traditional branch cutter, proven by decades of use in the hands of countless farmers, is robust, solid and reliable. Capable of cuts up to 5 cm. Available in 50, 80 and 100 cm versions.