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  • Liscarroll - Milk Silos

    Liscarroll - Milk Silos

    With an ever increasing demand for high volume on-farm milk cooling and storage, the Liscarroll Milk Silo provides the perfect solution where it is often impossible and uneconomical to extend existing or to build new premises to accommodate conventional milk tanks.

  • Liscarroll - Direct Expansion

    Liscarroll - Direct Expansion

    Milk is cooled directly by a Condensing Unit circulating refrigerant through the laser-welded evaporator plates of the milk tank, against which the milk is gently agitated.

  • Liscarroll - Ice Bank

    Liscarroll - Ice Bank

    Milk is cooled indirectly by a Condensing Unit which is first used to build up Ice between milkings to provide chilled water which is then circulated through the laser welded cooling evaporator plates on the milk vessel. Ice Bank systems are generally used where electricity consumption during milking needs to be avoided; where low off-peak tariffs offer economical benefits; or the electricity supply in general is too weak to support larger three-phase...

  • Liscarroll - Ice Builders

    Liscarroll - Ice Builders

    Using a Liscarroll Ice Builder to produce and store large quantities of ice, chilled water will allow instant cooling of any product, reduce the risk of bacterial growth and when used to take advantage of “off peak” electricity it will drastically reduce running costs.