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  • Liscarroll - Milk Silos

    Liscarroll - Milk Silos

    At Liscarroll Engineering, we understand the demand for high volume on-farm milk cooling and storage. Our high-quality Milk Silos provide the perfect solution where it is often impossible and uneconomical to extend existing premises or to build new premises to accommodate conventional milk tanks.

  • Liscarroll - Direct Expansion

    Liscarroll - Direct Expansion

    Milk is cooled directly by a Condensing Unit circulating refrigerant through the laser-welded evaporator plates of the milk tank, against which the milk is gently agitated.

  • Liscarroll - Ice Builders

    Liscarroll - Ice Builders

    Using a Liscarroll Ice Builder will allow you to produce and store large quantities of ice separately. The chilled water will not only allow instant cooling of any product, it will also reduce the risk of bacterial growth. Liscarroll Ice Builders can also be used to take advantage of “off peak” electricity which will drastically reduce running costs and leave a little extra in your pocket.

  • Liscarroll - Milk Cooling Tanks

    Liscarroll - Milk Cooling Tanks

    Liscarroll Engineering manufactures a complete range of milk cooling systems for today’s modern dairy farms. All our products are made with simplicity of design in mind and a focus on putting you in control whilst at the same time ensuring that Milk is cooled with optimum efficiency and maximum reliability.