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  • MacMaster - Super Nabba Harvester

    MacMaster - Super Nabba Harvester

    Original MacMaster green 28” wheels are generally regarded as the best wheel. Other manufacturers are constantly changing design and composition and still cannot match the MacMaster wheel. Just ask your nearest harvester contractor. Wheel pack arms have been reduced in thickness from 5mm to 3mm and packs tightened up giving an almost gapless head. There is a fixed ejector finger in the gap to eject nuts that are picked up in this area.

  • Runt Harvester

    Runt Harvester

    Suitable for the 5-25 acre orchards this harvester can be towed behind a ride-on mower or mounted beside an all terrain vehicle or tractor. Robust construction, one meter wide with a 50kg holding bin with helper struts for easy tipping. The ‘Runt’ uses the 16′ ‘Bag-A-Nut’ rotary pick-up wheel. Of robust construction, it is 1 meter in width and comes with a 50 Kg. holding bin, which has helper struts for easy tipping into...