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  • Lite-Trac - Crop Sprayers

    Lite-Trac - Crop Sprayers

    The Lite-Trac crop sprayer mounts onto the SS2400 tool carrier to create the UK’s highest capacity self–propelled sprayer. Our stainless steel tanks are available in capacities of up to 8,000 litres, whilst Pommier aluminium booms of up to 48 meters can be fitted, making these Europe’s largest four-wheeled self-propelled agricultural sprayers.

  • Lite-Trac - Pneumatic Granular Applicators

    Lite-Trac - Pneumatic Granular Applicators

    Lite-Trac pneumatic granular applicators for precision application of slug pellets and Avadex are available in widths of up to 36 metres. Units are boom-mounted and configured to your machine. Application rate and shut off can be controlled by the Trimble or TopCon GPS unit in the tractor or an independent controller. Granular Applicators are custom-built to match your boom and are retofittable. Please contact us to discuss your requirements...

  • Lite-Trac - Spreaders

    Lite-Trac - Spreaders

    Agri-Spread have developed a new high capacity demountable spreader specifically for the Lite-Trac tool carrier tractor, to take full advantage of its 50/50 weight distribution. This ensures that, whatever the conditions, minimal compaction is combined with excellent traction and hillside stability.

  • Lite-Trac - Model SS2400 - Tool Carrier

    Lite-Trac - Model SS2400 - Tool Carrier

    The Lite-Trac SS2400 is a tool carrier with a 14 tonne payload capacity. The patented chassis layout with its mid-mounted driveline gives equal weight distribution on all four wheels, producing exceptional traction and a light footprint for minimal compaction. The innovative design of the SS2400 gives its operator exceptional access to difficult or previously unreachable areas of land.