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  • Parts Services

    Parts Services

    Lite-Trac can supply nozzles, nozzle bodies, pumps, plumbing and pipework along with service parts for Lite-Trac and other sprayers.

  • NSTS Sprayer Testing Services

    NSTS Sprayer Testing Services

    Lite-Trac are part of the National Sprayer Testing Scheme (NSTS) and have a trained examiner who holds a valid NPTC level 3 Certificate of Competence. We test sprayers for accurate output and operation, covering delivery, application and ancillary systems.

  • Bespoke Machinery Services

    Bespoke Machinery Services

    From custom sprayers to specialised granular application, Lite-Trac have the design and manufacturing capability to build bespoke machinery to meet your needs. Where no off-the-shelf solution exists Lite-Trac will be pleased to help.