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  • Model Mk II - Mobile Livestock Handler

    Model Mk II - Mobile Livestock Handler

    Following the success of our Mk I Handler, over 15 years, with more than 500 machines throughout Britain, we now introduce the Mk II. The Mk II has a Vari Width Full Access Crush and now has 8 nine-foot gates all hung on the crush. No lifting, with each set of four gates concertinaing together in transport.

  • Cattle Crush

    Cattle Crush

    A heavy duty fully galvanised cattle crush with the latest head yoke fully adjustable for large and small animals. Four pressed steel doors on each side of the crush allow complete access with no vertical or horizontal bars. All doors open fully outwards for clipping and if an animal goes down during calving it can rise with ease.

  • Swingarm Superscoop

    Swingarm Superscoop

    Designed to immobilize the animal's head side to side movement. The rubber lined scoop dramatically reduces the available movement of the animal's head. It helps reduce the desire to move backwards and to kick out. It fits onto all our crushes using a special bracket.

  • Weigh Platform

    Weigh Platform

    Can be used inside cattle crush, outside in a race or against an existing wall or fence. Made from non-slip 6mm aluminium treadplate, it is easily handled and transported. Normal size: 8ft x 30in, but can be made any size to order.

  • Sheep Feed Trailer

    Sheep Feed Trailer

    Silage from clamp to sheep without waste. Suitable for round bales or clamp silage. Use outside or inside. 12' long, 4' wide. Robust box steel frame. 3/4' ply-board floor & side. Optional lamb rails available. Optional GREEDY boards available.

  • Sheep Handling Systems

    Sheep Handling Systems

    The sheep enter through a walk through guillotine gate operated by a cord - a self-catching hook keeps the gate in the raised position until a further pull on the cord releases it.  The gate will also swing open to allow the operator to enter the Race. The Race is 14' long and is adjustable in width from 1' 6' to 4'.  This allows the sheep to be worked either from outside or inside the Race. When in the narrow position the Race sides can be...