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Products by Grain Systems Inc - GSI Group

  • Storage.

  • Model 4002: Unstiffened Bins - Grain Bins

    Model 4002: Unstiffened Bins - Grain Bins

    In 1972, the first GSI bin featured a 2.66” corrugation, unstiffened bin design. This proven design has continued to evolve and grow for today’s operations, and features our precision roll-forming process corrugates accurate sidewall sheets every time. This process assures a tighter fit and increased weather protection. With the original 2.66” corrugation profile, the 4002 is the perfect bin to maintain a historic look and consistent...

  • Model BFT - Hopper Tanks

    Model BFT - Hopper Tanks

    Bulk Feed tanks, or BFT’s, are a great way to store and protect feed. BFT’s feature a sealed roof and hopper body design to protect grain/feed from moisture and offer easy unloading.

  • Model GHT  - Hopper Tanks

    Model GHT - Hopper Tanks

    Designed to handle dry free flowing grain, the GHT fits the needs of small capacity ranges with the increased strength of a grain bin roof.

  • GSI - Grain Bins Systems

    GSI - Grain Bins Systems

    Northern Agri-Services is a warehouse for GSI-Grain Systems, Inc. Grain Bins. We sell both farm and commercial complete storage, conditioning and handling system applications. GSI grain storage bins are constructed using high tensile steel sidewall sheets, up to 65,000 p.s.i. minimum. Sheets are available in 2.66' or 4.00' corrugation. GSI farm bins are secured with heavy duty J-bolt or U-bolt hold down brackets. The anchor brackets are formed to...

  • Conditioning

  • Model TopDry - In-Bin Dryers

    Model TopDry - In-Bin Dryers

    Though the TopDry is technically drying grain in the bin, it is really more like an out of bin dryer. Combine the TopDry’s limited depth, roof drying floor and high capacities with the same high capacity fans used on our Portable Dryers and you get capacities equal to our largest Stack Portable Dryer. The TopDry is available in a completely manual batch version and an automatic AutoFlow version which operates exactly the same as our out of bin...

  • Model StirAtor  - In-Bin Dryers

    Model StirAtor - In-Bin Dryers

    For over 30 years, the Design III Stir-Ator has been the most dependable stirator system. Though among the lowest in capacity, the Design III can turn a grain bin into a drying system at a minimum investment. A high temperature, above 10 degree rise, bin dryer has to have a way to dry all the grain to the same moisture. Just running a fan & heater on a bin full of grain will result in 5% grain at the bottom with no moisture removed on the top....

Products by Global Industries, Incorporated

  • Grain Storage

  • MFS AGRI - Model II - Bins & Hoppers

    MFS AGRI - Model II - Bins & Hoppers

    MFS AGRI II storage bins are made durable for farm applications and are available in three models with sizes ranging from 1000 to 88,000 bushels.

  • Commercial Bins

    Commercial Bins

    We offer choices of application: specific standard or hopper bins. Smart engineering, durable materials, and decades of field-proven experience combine to offer superior quality grand commercial storage systems.

  • Commercial Hopper Bins

    Commercial Hopper Bins

    Our Commercial Hopper Bins are built for long life and ultimate ease of unloading. Sidewalls, stiffeners and fasteners are of the same specifications and quality as our traditional commercial bins. The roof is assembled from extra strength steel panels for additional protection from blowing rain and snow. Supporting columns are wide-flange beams with heavy-duty tie-rod braces bolted solidly to the steel substructure.

  • Stormor Ezee - Dry Bins

    Stormor Ezee - Dry Bins

    Common Sense Design, simplicity of operation, and maintenance of quality grain is what the Ezee Dry is known for. This is just what you will find in this overhead drying system and full capacity storage bin.

  • Grain Handling

  • Bucket Elevators

    Bucket Elevators

    Built to last under continuous operation, dependable construction, and quality assuring top return on your investment. From large terminal and sub-terminal elevators to compact elevators, York bucket elevators are flexible to meet your needs and have been proven over the decades.

  • Conveyors


    Moving high volumes at low speeds in a limited space, this powerful, reversible drag conveyor comes in six models with capacities up to 50,000 bushels per hour (1350 M/T/hr)

  • Incline Drag Conveyors

    Incline Drag Conveyors

    Available with and without a curved section. Superior efficiency with UHMW flight attachments maximize the amount of trough area used for transport, this long-life flight is light, low-friction and reduces noise.

  • Grain Dryers

  • Grain Dryer

    Grain Dryer

    Hands on technical dryer service training.Experienced technical support.Parts available in 6 strategically located warehouses.Dedicated to customer satisfaction.Each dryer section factory tested.Comprehensive 8- step NECO quality assurance inspection