Local Roots

Local Roots, we design, build and operate the world’s most productive indoor farming solutions. We believe the key to a more sustainable future requires eliminating supply-chain risks and undoing the commoditization of the food industry. That’s why our Local Roots Family is building a distributed network of cutting-edge farms throughout the world to grow the freshest, healthiest produce possible.

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Food Safety

Food should heal you, not make you sick. That’s why we are dedicated to safe growing and packaging processes. At the end of every plant's journey is a person. We make sure they are safe, happy and healthy—all the way to your fork.

  • Certified Primus GFS
  • Certified Non-GMO
  • Certified Organic

The TerraFarm's controlled environment allows the very best care for our crops 24/7. Produce grown outdoors can be vulnerable to weather patterns and climate change. The TerraFarm is weather, climate and planet agnostic. The TerraFarm solution is perfect for on-planet & off-planet food production.