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  • Eliminate Unnecessary Labor

    Eliminate Unnecessary Labor

    The Eliminator rake 'eliminates' manual labor while preparing all types of soil. Go from an uncleared lot to a finished seedbed with one attachment.

  • Track Systems

  • Model VTS  - Versatile Track System

    Model VTS - Versatile Track System

    The VTS - Versatile Track System® is a complete rubber track undercarriage that bolts directly to your skid steer's standard hubs. VTS® utilizes forward placement of the front idler wheel to maintain flotation as well as added stability. By placing the front idler significantly ahead of the front hub position, VTS gains unmatched stability when digging and backing out of trenches as well as hauling and dumping heavy loads. VTS tracks provide...

  • Model Z-Series - Versatile Track System

    Model Z-Series - Versatile Track System

    Do you need traction and flotation?  The Z-Series from Loegering combines the increased floatation and powerful traction you need to power through the widest range of applications.  The Loegering Z-Series was designed to capitalize on the added traction that a skid-steer operator needs.  They deliver incredible traction, excellent side-hill stability, and easy installation.  They keep you working in any...