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  • Nurse Tank Trailers

    Nurse Tank Trailers

    Need a Nurse Tank trailer to move that Fertilizer or Water from field to field? We got you covered with several different styles and types of trailers. The Trailers pictured are 1000 gallon tanks but we also have an opptional 1250 elliptical low profile tank model available.  It makes turning around at your center pivots a breeze.

  • Bail Forklifts & Lifts

    Bail Forklifts & Lifts

    Ranchers We can help you too. Tired of handling Bails the hard way? Try our Bail Forklift, built with 3-5 forks depending on how you want it. Good for Lifting Square and Round Bails.

  • Bucket Blade

    Bucket Blade

    Need some Ground Leveling but nothing as big as our Landplane? No Problem, there's always our Bucket Blades. Besides these Bucket Blades are just as serious about ground leveling. Until recently we built only 8, 10, 12, ft. blades.  Now we can customize up too 16 ft. Wide.

  • Diesel Tank Trailer

    Diesel Tank Trailer

    Fuel is something we all need on a regular basis. With Fuel prices rising daily you really can't afford to be driving back and forth to fill up at the pump every day.

  • Dozer Rakes & Grubbers

    Dozer Rakes & Grubbers

    Clearing brush land can be a pain staking job. But having a nice big rake can really help speed up the process. We can custom build any size rake you need to fit any bulldozer.

  • Excavating / Grubbing

    Excavating / Grubbing

    Need a ditch or basement dug, concrete busted, or some land cleared? We can do the job. Excavators are also a part of our expanding operation. Opening up new farm land?  We can clear mesquite or brush land by grubbing them up with a knife attatched to our excavator.

  • Goosenecks Trailer

    Goosenecks Trailer

    Need a Trailer that can haul a Real Load? Tried all those weak utility trailers that are made by companys just in it for the money and using material not much thicker than coke cans.

  • Peanut Hopper

    Peanut Hopper

    Loepky Farms built their first Peanut Hopper in 1999. Since then several changes have been made. The Shop has also been added on since it became Loepky Mfg. Which Caused turn out time to be greatly improved. With these Great Hoppers, truck availability is No Longer the Primary Concern. And your chances against the weather are greatly improved. Now you can Empty in the Mornings when it's Wet and Damp so you can Worry about thrashing when it's Dry.