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  • Logbear - Model F4000 - Forwarder

    Logbear - Model F4000 - Forwarder

    Logbear F4000 Forwarder is developed to meet the demands from todays first thinnings. It is very agile, and with the carrying type tracks driving can also be made succesfully from swampy areas. The tracks also ensure driving in deep snow at wintertime. Size of the machine is related to the wood amount from a first thinning, which in Scandinavia is on level of 40 m³ /ha. Loading space is 1.9 m² meaning a. 5.5-5.8 real cubic meters/load with...

  • Logbear - Model FH 4000 - Combi Machine

    Logbear - Model FH 4000 - Combi Machine

    The FH4000 Combimachine is both a Forwarder and a Harvester. In short the loading grapple on the forwarder is replaced with a harvester head or vice versa. The replaement work is moderate, a. 30 minutes with the changing stay. The Keto Forst Harvester Head has a felling diameter of some over 30 cm. The power of the loader is sufficient for handling of trees in a thinning when the trees have a medium size of 50-100 dm³. The thinning work can be...