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Logic Programming Associates

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  • Expert Systems Development

    LPA has developed a new, graphical business rule development system, called VisiRule. Running on LPA's WIN-PROLOG platform, it compiles flowcharts into KSL, the language supported by LPA's cross-platform expert system shell, flex. LPA's widely-supported 'flex' system provides a sophisticated, frame-based shell which can be combined, where required, with Prolog code to provide complete, powerful, cross-platform expert systems. Supported not only on LPA's WIN-PROLOG and MacProlog32 platforms,

  • LPA - Case Based Reasoning Toolkit

    LPA - Case Based Reasoning Toolkit

    The LPA Case Based Reasoning (CBR) Toolkit is a collection of routines, supplied in the form of an API, which support the retrieval of similar cases within relational databases such as Access, Oracle, SQL Server etc.