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  • Rolling Benches

  • High Quality Bench Support System

    High Quality Bench Support System

    All our rail pipes are hot dipped galvanized inside and out. They are not electro plated like so many others. This process keeps them rust free for many years. The rail pipes also have wedged ends so there is no need to weld in the greenhouse. And that’s an advantage because the welding of galvanized steel can produce dangerous gasses. The levelers fitted by Logiqs are ¾ inch thick treaded rods. Most of our competitors use...

  • Modular Transport Lines Bench

    Modular Transport Lines Bench

    Our transport lines are made of aluminum and hot dipped galvanized steel. All our lines are completely adjustable so they will always be level. This is important when concrete floors are not completely laser level. All nuts, washers, and bolts are stainless steel. The aluminium profiles are designed to be highly modular as we as easy to assemble, maintain as well as upgrade with various automation elements.

  • A-Track

  • A-Track System

    A-Track System

    The A-track is a sustainable fixed automation solution, which is indispensable in many logistic systems. The A-track is fitted with high quality bearings and sturdy wheels, making the A-track practically maintenance free. The aluminium profile of the A-track is developed for easy installation, giving you the chance to install the system yourself. Cables and pressured air hoses are easy to store within the profile. The flexibility of a A-track system...

  • Buffer Position Track

    Buffer Position Track

    There are always idea's and requests from customers that provide interesting challenges. One of these challenges was to find a solution for the spikes in activity demands of the existing Overhead Crane (OHC). Through optimization of existing container systems, new limitations see the light of day which were not problems in the past. An example of such a limitation is the removal and delivery of empty containers by the OHC. Higher capacity...

  • Shuttles

  • 2D-Shuttle


    The 2D-Shuttle is a unique greenhouse automation solution, which is designed and built by Logiqs. This system is unmatched in its modular design, that allows for a flexible and scalable system.

  • Weighing Shuttle

    Weighing Shuttle

    The weighing shuttle gives the user the possibility to regularly weigh the plant containers in order to see if and how much water has been added to the container. With this information, the water evaporation rate can also be determined.  In this way you will be able to further standardise the water giving process based op already known patterns, whilst having control of the watering process and feedback directly from the crop. All the data...

  • Transport Vehicles

  • Automatic Transport Vehicle

    Automatic Transport Vehicle

    Throughout its history, Logiqs has developed various solutions for automatic transport of containers via Automatic Transport Carts (ATC), even suited for multiple containers at once. These automated carts can be placed on the central concrete path in the middle of your greenhouse so to make it possible to load and deliver to both sides of your greenhouse or can be attached to the outer walls of your greenhouse.

  • Automatic Wall-Mounted Transport Cart

    Automatic Wall-Mounted Transport Cart

    Logiqs has invested heavily in recent years in the development of a fast and reliable Automatic Wall Cart (AWC) for container transport along the side-wall's of green-houses. The Automatic Wall Cart (AWC) is narrow and transports the container above the crop, thus when 2 AWC's are equipped (one on each side), an extra container space is freed up per lane.