Lokken Ag Innovations fabricates gauges to fit most makes of combines and swathers. The gauge is constructed of quality material for long lasting, trouble free use. It is mounted on the inside front or side window of your cab where it is protected against dust and moisture. The Cutting Height Gauge is especially useful when combining at night. Operators tend to cut higher in the dark to avoid hitting dirt or rocks. This may result in missed heads and lower crop yields. This innovative product continually indicates your cutting height. It is available for self propelled straight-cutting combines, self propelled swathers, and for most pull type swathers. Guess work is eliminated. With the Lokken gauge, you’ll know your cutting height at a glance.

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The gauge scale provides readings starting at four inches. This allows the operator to cut extremely low to maximize crop yields without hitting the ground and causing damage. The Lokken Gauge is useful for ensuring stubble is left even especially when using more than one combine on the same field.

For the custom combiner, even stubble suggests a professional combining job. Creating uneven stubble by alternating high and low cuts is easy with the Lokken gauge. Stubble will catch greater snowfall resulting in more ground moisture and less wind erosion in the spring – an environmental responsible farming practice.

The Lokken Cutting Height Gauge is complimentary to; 'o-till and or stripper header operations.'