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  • Cutter Bars

  • Kommunal - Cutter Bars

    Kommunal - Cutter Bars

    Cutter bars for professional employment in every condition. Works with the less maintenance.

  • Easy - Cutter Bars

    Easy - Cutter Bars

    Studied for small garden machines. A relation price/quality beyond comparison.

  • Dual Profi - Double Action System

    Dual Profi - Double Action System

    The system brings a substantial working comfort to the operator, due to a drastic reduction of vibrations. Less effort and more efficiency.. Wears and derangement resulting of vibrations decrease, with consequent saving in terms of spare parts and deadlocks of the machine. The investment cost will be amortised over a short time.  Through the important augmentation of the stroke it is possible to obtain a considerable increase of the machine...

  • Drive Mechanisms

  • Uno Profi - Combinable Cutter Bars

    Uno Profi - Combinable Cutter Bars

    The strong, versatile and reliable professional equipment for walking tractors and motor hoes. Drive mechanism oil system: less wear and tear and maintenance, more reliability.

  • Spare Parts

  • Knives


     Complete knives for: motor mowers, motor hoes, walking tractors, combine harvesters, forager professional cutter bars. Special knives (according to custom drawing too). Special knives for cut: sunflowers, tomatoes, Soya beans, rice, green pea. Pruning cutter bars