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  • Forage Harvester Cutting Systems

    Forage Harvester Cutting Systems

    The job of a forage harvester is simply to chop a crop such as corn into animal feed. As such, the cutting system is the heart of the machine and the measure of its effectiveness. The self-propelled versions of these machines cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. The longer the cutting system remains sharp and efficient, the longer the machine can remain profitably operating in the field before the components are replaced. Also, a sharp and efficient...

  • Tillage Sweeps

    Tillage Sweeps

    A steel part moving through soil presents a uniquely challenging wear problem, especially in abrasive, sandy soils. This is where Lund Coating Technologies, Inc. excels. Over many years Lund has perfected its proprietary WEAR-TUFF ® abrasion resistant coating. When a major agricultural equipment company went looking for a way to extend the life of its tillage sweeps, Lund Coating Technologies developed a process to protect both the leading edge as...

  • Golf Course Fairway Mowers

    Golf Course Fairway Mowers

    A major golf course equipment company came to Lund seeking a domestic supplier of reel mower bed knives. The customer had experienced problems with the previous offshore vendor, including poor responsiveness, lack of timely delivery, etc. The parts involve a complex geometry and require adherence to extremely tight tolerances. Moreover, the OEM was introducing a revolutionary new quick-change design for the bed knives.

  • Grain Combines

    Grain Combines

    Challenge: Continue to Increase the Life of Grain Combine Wear Parts. Lund wear parts are found throughout grain combines, especially those used to harvest corn. They are used from front (in the cut-off head) to back (in the flail processor). Most corn combines use a special head that relies on Lund cut-off discs for the initial cutting of the stalk so it can be fed into the head. These discs have very special geometry, material, and hard facing...