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  • Cookers

  • Clean-Flow - Continuous Water Blancher Cooker

    Clean-Flow - Continuous Water Blancher Cooker

    Lyco’s Clean-Flow Continuous Water Blancher/Cooker/Cooler is designed to work in one- or two-zone configurations. The Clean-Flow may blanch, cook or rehydrate in one zone, cool in a second zone or be a stand-alone cooler in a separate machine. Clean-Flow machines were designed for rapid thorough cleaning and to allow for faster changeover in order to process several different food products per day. The clean-in-place (CIP) cycle is completed in...

  • Pasteurizers

  • Rotary Drum Pasteurizer

    Rotary Drum Pasteurizer

    The Rotary Drum Pasteurizer from Lyco relies upon our innovative rotating drum design to gently agitate products for rapid processing without product damage. First used on sausages in 1988, today’s system can handle hot dogs and sausages in varying sized pouched, providing uniform process results. Our pasteurizer meets the high level of USDA/MID sanitation design features. The single, major rotating component doesn’t damage pouches or wear...