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  • LM Pump - Fresh Vertical Open

    LM Pump - Fresh Vertical Open

    The vertical open pumps offers customers a range of design options: Various box- or pipe designs can be added on the open outlet. Length of shaft and shaft casing can be extended. The shape of the conical outlet can customized. The outlet can be equipped with check valve and the suction bell can be equipped with a supporting foot at the sumpt floor.

  • LMPump - Fresh Horizontal Compact In-Line Pump

    LMPump - Fresh Horizontal Compact In-Line Pump

    A new generation of compact in-line pumps has been developed during the past 10 years. These pumps are a strong alternative to the classic vertical pumps and have the same low energy consumption and high reliability as the classic vertical pumps. The pump is placed outside the sump and is very compact and easy to transport and install.

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  • Pumps

    Important basic principles of our Landy pump series are quality, keep it simple, long term lifetime and less maintenance. Thus, reducing lifetime costs and taking account of the environment. Landustrie can supply pumps in a broad variety of materials and with the necessary certificates. It is our goal to fulfill your pump challenges in a satisfaying way and to offer a first-rate pump solution. We produce a wide range of sewage and wastewater pumps for both domestic and industrial application

  • Landustrie LANDY - Vortex Pumps

    Landustrie LANDY - Vortex Pumps

    Our LANDY Vortex pumps are renowed for their outstanding non-clogging performance and designed to pump a wide variety of solids and liquids.