Lyndon Fish Hatcheries Inc.

Lyndon Fish Hatcheries serves customers throughout Canada and beyond. We have served government agencies, universities and businesses. Some of our biggest customers include fish farms that grow out our fingerlings and eggs for end production use. Our brilliant fish are desired and admired by our customers but expected by our family and employees. The facility in New Dundee focuses on hatching eggs from our renowned Lyndon rainbow trout brood stock. Our brood stock is fed only the highest quality feed, and our partnerships with the University of Guelph make us one of the leading Canadian hatcheries in the trout industry. We hatch our fish in natural spring water derived from a variety of wells, giving us a constant supply of crystal clear water at 10 degrees. These ideal conditions allow us to grow our products for the national and international marketplace.

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1738 Queen Street , New Dundee , Ontario N0B 2E0 Canada

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Agriculture - Aquaculture
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Internationally (various countries)


Mission Statement
At Lyndon Fish Hatcheries, our mission is to consistently create superior performing rainbow trout eggs and fingerlings by elevating innovation in the world of aquaculture. We will support these efforts by providing high quality products combined with excellent customer support.

Vision Statement
Lyndon Fish Hatcheries is passionately driven and will inspire our employees to achieve their full potential. We will engage in practices that will help to provide a sustainable food source for the global community. We will anticipate the needs of our customers by building open and honest relationships through effective communication. We will maximize return to our stockholders while enhancing product quality for our national and international customers.

Our Values

  • We will provide timely, responsive solutions with integrity and a passion for excellence while meeting or exceeding our clients’ expectations.
  • We welcome and respect the diversity of our clients, shareholders and employees.
  • We value our living planet and will help to provide sustainable food sources in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Internally, we value collaborative decision making that allows each of us the opportunity to maximize and participate in the growth of the organization.
  • We value our rural farming roots and strive to create a welcoming, pleasing, safe and positive environment.
  • We will build open and honest relationships with effective communication.
  • We rejoice in creative change. We are flexible, agile, and energized by the opportunity to surpass the challenges involved with this rapidly expanding industry.
  • We will be passionate and determined.