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  • Model MAF - Roda Pomone

    Model MAF - Roda Pomone

    POMONE represents both precision and capacity. POMONE has been designed to handle fruit and vegetables of a wide variety of sizes and shapes efficiently. POMONE is a multi-product grader with gentle handling of the fruit. POMONE can be fitted with the latest optical GLOBALSCAN system where it shows its efficiency in fruit analysis.  The surface of the fruit is analysed for three dimensional image reconstitution using a high performance digital...

  • Model CVS - Colour Vision Systems

    Model CVS - Colour Vision Systems

    The CVS Integra combines the packer's need for gentle fruit handling with the exacting demands of accurate vision analysis and precise weighing. Integra has been developed for blemish, colour, weight, size, shape, volume and density grading, for a range of regular shaped produce. A Windows user interface allows for accurate blemish, colour and size definitions to be created with ease and printed out if required.