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The Extir-Plants’s tree spades are very robust machines, tested since more than 20 years of utilization by nurserymen all over the world. Our tree spades work without vibrations, so the clod, especially in difficult terrain, result more compact than the one made by hand or with percussion blade. For some type of very delicate plants, our machine, obtain excellent results to the surviving of plants and a rapid vegetative growth. The depth of clod can be decided in the moment for every clod. The plant’s extraction times can be reduced to 30/60 seconds! The Extir-Plants can be coupled to traditional tractors (and in this case we recommend the use of pillar lifting-gear together withhydraulic flag movement useful for centering of plants) to bob-cat or similar, frontal shovel, excavators with notable work’s agility and rapidity.

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Via Saccona n° 33 , Ferrara , Emilia-Romagna 44123 Italy

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Agriculture - Forestry
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Globally (various continents)

In those last cases can be necessary the pillar lifting-gear.

The new B350, the more request model from market, has been improved to satisfy the nurserymen’s needs, in particular Italian’s producers of Pinus Pinea (very delicate plant at extraction/transplantation) and Spanish nurserymen ( working with very hard soil and very heavy plants as clod’s dimensions like Palms).

The structure of B350 has also been considerably reinforced to adapt it at new needs.
The chassis is today the same of superior model B700, only of lightly reduced, the same for: guide-rail, spades and hydraulic flag movement.

For pillar lifting-gear we directly use the one of B900, gaining over than robustness, also in large movement (more than one meter) in lifting from the ground of the extracted plant. The standard size of clod executable with gate closed has been borne to cm.45 of upper diameter. But it’s possible to realize clods of diameter cm.55/60 too, with appropriate techniques. It’s possible to realize, using only lances, very large clods (cm/180) in the shape of a half sphere. Nurserymen’s satisfaction evident, better clods than handmade, with ideal dimensions, ready for potting. Surviving and vegetative growth of plants unbeatable, respected delivery even in difficult climatic conditions: