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  • MACE - Bumpa Petrol Conveyor

    MACE - Bumpa Petrol Conveyor

    The Bumpa is Mace Industries origional product, it has revolutionised the roofing industry and is a household name within the UK and increasingly internationally. The Bumpa is quick to erect, simply unloaded from your truck and up and running within four minutes. 1000 tiles can then be loaded onto any roof in under 25 minutes. Not only does the Bumpa out load any competitor, the Bumpa also has a powered reverse to strip valuable salvage down easily as...

  • MAC - Eliveyor

    MAC - Eliveyor

    As a direct response to customer requirements, Mace Industries was pleased to announce a new product on the market specifically designed for use in the farming industry. Called the Eliveyor this is a bespoke product designed to meet a specific need in the handling of grains. The Eliveyor is designed to convey grains and pulses more efficiently and with less damage than other means of transport, such as an augur. Mace Industries understood the...

  • GEDA  - Ladder Lift

    GEDA - Ladder Lift

    A GEDA comfort 250 Ladder Lift is ideal for those roofs that a Bumpa can't reach or where space is at a premium. The various adapters and accessories mean that this hoist is ideal for transporting any kind of goods onto roofs or buildings. It can be assembled on site quickly and easily, without any tools, and can be operated easily. Their reliability makes them a favourite transport device for roofers and construction workers! These vertical aluminium...