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  • Import & Export Consultancy Services

    Import & Export Consultancy Services

    McFC – provides matchmaking services globally for Buyers and Sellers active in the international trading of fruits and vegetables. In doing so, we connect potential Buyers with reliable Sellers in a variety of global markets. We represent and/or work with a selected group of suppliers in such markets as Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, and Peru), Africa (Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, South Africa, and...

  • International Business Promotion Services

    International Business Promotion Services

    McFC provides a variety of International Business Promotion (IBP) services for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises worldwide. Nowadays, international exchange is playing an ever more vital role in business. Therefore IBP is key in becoming a global player in this competitive world. We provide your business with various types of support, in collaboration with partners in the African-, Latin American and Caribbean network associates.

  • International Business Brokerage Services

    International Business Brokerage Services

    McFC is active in international business brokerage, working with buyers and sellers throughout the world on Mergers and Acquisitions of businesses, thereby operating as an independent business broker, offering mergers and acquisitions, financial advisory and consulting services to clients within the Netherlands and beyond.