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  • Potato Scanner

    Potato Scanner

    The innovative digital Potato Scanner assesses samples of potato crops quickly and without sorting. Ingenious camera system: The Potato Scanner is a mobile system that consists of a feeder hopper, a flat conveyor belt, a casing containing the electronic camera system, and an output hopper. Accurate evaluation of samples: The camera system scans the sample and makes an accurate determination of the numbers of tubers, their sizes (length and diameter)...

  • Unloading Systems

    Unloading Systems

    For optimum exploitation of any installation’s capacity, product supply must be attuned. What’s more, the product must not be damaged during unloading. Grisnich provides appropriate solutions with a wide range of capacities.

  • Samro - Stone and Clod Separator

    Samro - Stone and Clod Separator

    The stone and clod separator can remove stones and clods from a batch of potatoes, onions or other root vegetables with an accuracy of 95%. Because of the advanced sensor technology, a high capacity (15 to 50 tons/hr) can be realised. This machine has definitely made its mark, and is unique in the potato processing business. It can be deployed as a stand-alone unit or as part of a processing line.

  • Desoiler Unit

    Desoiler Unit

    Tolsma-Grisnich has developed an intelligent dry soil removal installation for the 24/7 removal of soil, haulm and other inherent non-product elements from agricultural produce. The installation has an hourly output of 80 tons of potatoes and fits in perfectly with the processing line of, for example, a French fries plant. Cleaning capacity, product-friendliness, intelligent control and minimal maintenance requirements are key design elements.

  • Tolsma-Grisnich - Model TG-W - Drum Washer

    Tolsma-Grisnich - Model TG-W - Drum Washer

    The TGW has been developed for cleaning potatoes, carrots and beetroot, as well as other tuberous and bulbous crops. The washer stands out thanks to its impressive output

  • Tolsma-Grisnich - Grading Machines

    Tolsma-Grisnich - Grading Machines

    Potatoes and onions almost always have to be sorted according to size as part of their processing. Depending on their use, the determining factor will either be the greatest accuracy or the highest capacity. Grisnich has the perfect solution for both choices.

  • Vertical and Horizontal Transport Conveyors

    Vertical and Horizontal Transport Conveyors

    No matter how ingenious the design and installation of a sorting system, there will always be routes where the product must be transported vertically or horizontally from one place to another. Grisnich’s transport conveyors are tailor-made (width to 160 cm). These product-friendly conveyors are characterised by their stable, durable frame.