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  • Soil Cultivation

  • SuperSprint - Soil Cultivation

    SuperSprint - Soil Cultivation

    Any crop farmer will agree that a good harvest starts with preparing a good seed bed, knowing that this allows the seed to quickly develop a strong root system after emerging. Steketee developed the SuperSprint for creating the perfect seed bed as fast and efficient as possible. Besides perfect operation, this machine combines top operability with minimal maintenance requirements.

  • Clod Chrusher

    Clod Chrusher

    A machine for optimal soil cultivation, saving time and saving costs. The Steketee Clod Crusher is specially developed to prepare ploughed land for sowing and planting once over. This is also the ideal machine for direct stubble cultivation in autumn. So this is a versatile machine, benefiting you year-round.

  • Seed Bed Preparation Cultivators

    Seed Bed Preparation Cultivators

    A good seed bed preparation is preparing the ground for sowing once-over. With the Steketee Combirol on the front of the tractor and a seed bed combination at the back, this can also be done in more heavy soils. In case of more heavy soil types a second round of work is needed, even with powered implements. Disadvantages of such a second round are extra labour, tracks and a larger chance of soil slaking. The Combirol performs the fist cultivation of...

  • Seed Bed Combination Machine

    Seed Bed Combination Machine

    The steketee seed bed combination is the ideal machine for spring and autumn soil cultivation without disturbing soil structure to prepare the ground for planting and seeding once over. It is a seed bed combination that can be composed in many different ways, so that any firm can be supplied with a fitting combination. The Steketee seed bed combination consists of a frame with an adjustable reversible three-point trestle, allowing the machine to be...

  • Mechanical Weeding

  • Hoeing Element

    Hoeing Element

    This hoeing element consists of a parallelogram with rubber tyre wheel, which allows mounting one hoeing blade, three hoeing blades or cultivator tines. The basic element can also be used for a disc hoeing or finger weeding. Using the element for fitting the Steketee spray hoods is possible as well. Another possibility is to fit Steketee Finger weeders to the element in order to remove weeds in the crop row. Ground clearance under the...

  • Front Hoeing Machine

    Front Hoeing Machine

    The Steketee Front hoeing Machine is an ideal machine for hoeing and ridging all row crops. The machine is mounted to the tractor front, guaranteeing proper overview. The Steketee Front hoeing Machine can be supplied with a Steketee front lifting device, but can also be used with all other front lifting device brands. The hoeing elements can easily be shifted over the bearer, enabling hoeing at different row intervals. The elements are supplied...

  • Disc Hoeing Machine

    Disc Hoeing Machine

    The Steketee Disc Hoeing Machine is the ideal machine for all row crops. The Steketee Disc Hoeing element consists of a parallelogram (basic element) fitted with a hoeing blade and continuously adjustable disc set. The hoeing blade cuts the weeds at the track bottom. De weeds at the ridge sides and part of the weeds at the ridge top are cut off by the discs. The disc height and angle are continuously adjustable for use with any ridge. An adjustable...

  • Cultivation Tine Weeder

    Cultivation Tine Weeder

    The Steketee weeder beams are fitted with one or more steering discs or with two furrow wheels, who keep the beam and the elements attached to it straight behind the tractor at all times. The elements are fully equipped, meaning with infinitely adjustable travelling wheel and cultivation tines with small weeder blades. To sufficiently protect the crop, one has an option between serrated protective discs or protective shields. The width adjustment of...

  • Chemical Weeding

  • Model MS1 - Multi Spray Machine

    Model MS1 - Multi Spray Machine

    The Steketee Multispray is specially developed for weed control in all row crops. This method enables applying Round-Up on crops. The Multispray is best mounted on the tractor front in combination with the Steketee Front Linkage Device. The Multispray consists of a bearer with two furrow wheels and drawbar points for mounting on the front linkage device. Elements consisting...

  • Bed Formers

  • Ridger with Bed Former

    Ridger with Bed Former

    The Steketee ridger machine consists of a frame mounted with 5 sets of cultivation tine elements. These cultivator tine elements consist of 3 elements with 2 cultivator tines and 2 end elements with 1 cultivator tine each. A adjustable shank with 8 cm bit is mounted standard for the cultivator tines. The ridge shape hood eventually ensures a perfect build-up of the ridge; the ridge shape hood is vertically and horizontally...

  • Bed Former Hoods

    Bed Former Hoods

    The bed former hoods can be supplied for various row intervals (e.g. 75, 80 and 90 cm) and can be mounted behind an existing rotary cultivator.