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  • Madden - Pump Seal Flush Coolers

    Madden - Pump Seal Flush Coolers

    Madden Sample Coolers are miniature heat exchangers designed to reduce high temperature liquid samples to safe, usable temperatures for analysis. They also function as effective coolers for pump seal flush liquid. The counter flow design efficiently cools the tube side liquid. Sample coolers are available in cooper and Type 316 stainless steel tube material. All Madden sample coolers disassemble with standard tools for cleaning, or replacement of...

  • Madden - Miniature Heat Exchangers

    Madden - Miniature Heat Exchangers

    Small liquid to liquid heat exchangers are often used in laboratories and industrial plants to cool or heat critical liquids. Madden liquid sample coolers are an excellent choice for a heat exchanger for these critical applications. Madden liquid sample coolers are available in two types.