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  • Receiver Units

    Receiver Units

    Our complete stainless steel receiver units are realized according to our clients' request, to suit the many different types of milking rooms. Stainless steel panel available on request.

  • TATA  - Milk Distributor Mixer

    TATA - Milk Distributor Mixer

    TATA is a mixer-distributor of milk and other liquid or creamy food for calves, lambs, baby goats, suckling pigs. Tata is equipped with large wheels for stability and easy to use on all types of terrain. With the electronic control panel, all functions are constantly monitored.

  • Stainless Steel Tank

    Stainless Steel Tank

    Available in insulated and not insulated version. It can be supplied with wheels for all types of ground. On request we can also provide transfer pump. Capacity: 150 - 230 - 250 - 300 - 350 - 400 litres

  • Stainless Steel Receivers Jar

    Stainless Steel Receivers Jar

    Our stainless steel receivers are available with different characteristics and capacity from 35 to 300 litres. All our products can be realized according to client's design also for small quantities.

  • Model S/S - Lid for Receiver Jars

    Model S/S - Lid for Receiver Jars

    Available with ø 195/250 mm (standard/special), complete with corresponding gasket. With possibility of fixed or turning spreader, to optimize washing. We are able to realize personalized items also for small quantities.

  • Stainless Steel Sanitary Traps

    Stainless Steel Sanitary Traps

    Stainless steel sanitary traps for receivers. Standard capacity: 10 and 20 litres. Available also in bigger size and in vertical and horizontal version. With several different possibilities of inlet and outlet pipes.

  • Stainless Steel Level Probes

    Stainless Steel Level Probes

    Stainless steek level probes to control the level of milk and other liquids in the various containers (receivers, tanks and so on). Available in version with elettrodes or with float.

  • Milk Pasteurizer

    Milk Pasteurizer

    Fresh milk pasteurizer for calves, suckling pigs, lambs, baby goats and so on. Produced with first quality materials. The electropolished stainless steel tank and control cabinet are fixed to a strong and safe chassis. With the electronic control board, all functions are easy to use.