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  • Agribusiness

  • Crop Care Services

    Crop Care Services

    We launched our crop care business in 2005 to provide the inputs farmers need to protect and nurture their crops. Known as Mahindra Branded Pesticides (MBP), our insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, nutrients, biologicals, and plant growth promoters contribute to better harvests and lower wastage for the main Indian cash crops—rice, cotton, potatoes, wheat, soybeans, and vegetables.

  • Fresh Produce Services

    Fresh Produce Services

    We create supply chains for fresh produce by forming the bridge between farms and retailers. We started out in 2005 with the export of six containers of grapes to Europe and the UK. Today, we are one of India’s largest grape exporters, with over 300 containers shipped to Europe, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and Singapore in 2010. We’ve expanded our fresh produce basket to include the export of pomegranates, mangoes, and domestic apples...

  • Seed Distribution Services

    Seed Distribution Services

    We began our seed distribution service in 2006 to supply farmers with the most important input for prosperous agriculture—high quality seed.  We sell a range of field crop and vegetable seeds to suit diverse growing conditions and geographies. Our field crop assortment includes hybrid corn, sunflower, rice, millet and fodder sorghum, and open-pollinated mustard, fodder maize, rice, and wheat. Our vegetable assortment consists of hybrid tomato,...