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  • Scarifiers

  • Model RP 700 Series - Scarifiers

    Model RP 700 Series - Scarifiers

    The scarifier RP700 is a tool characterized by a robust frame upon which working bodies consisting of vertical anchors with pointed plowshares and interchangeable steel knives are fixed. The anchors arranged on a straight frame have the characteristic of attacking the terrain simultaneously. The foot of the anchor can be equipped with a posterior nozze to realize temporary...

  • Cultivator

  • Model MD205-25 - Cultivator

    Model MD205-25 - Cultivator

    The cultivator mod.MD is suitable for working terrain as a primary working after autumn winter cereal, grass, chard or consenting a good mix of crop residue with the terrain, and their burial at a depth not superior to 150 mm. The particular profile and the height of the anchor consent it to reach a depth of work of up to 400 mm, useful in the compaction check, as well...

  • Grubbers

  • Model ESL207 Series - Grubbers

    Model ESL207 Series - Grubbers

    The grubbers of the series ESL207 is realized with shaped and laminated squares arranged on two rows. Thanks to its particular shape and structure it can be used for eradication operations on plowed land, as well as for operations of cultivation on firm terrain (minimum labor).  It has 7 anchors equipped with a security bolt with breaking load...

  • Discs Harrow

  • Discs Harrow

    Discs Harrow

    The Discn Harrow i san apparatus made of a series of smooth discs suitable for minimal working, shredding stubble and furthermore on terrain characterized by a certain clumpiness allows to obtain a relevant grade of refining. Applied to aforesaid apparatus is a device with parallelogram functioning that allows attaching equipment of carious types (grubbers, vibro.cultivators, cultivators)...

  • Vibrocultivators

  • Model VM series - Vibrocultivators

    Model VM series - Vibrocultivators

    The vibrocultivator of the VM series is made with shaped pantographs and tubular elements, arranged in two rows, and is equipped with two types of spring: coil springs and flex springs. The weight-bearing bar is fitted with couplings with coil springs, the particular double spiral form of which churns the soil and moves it laterally. In addition, in correspondence to the tractor wheels, there are two track-breakers with ploughshares. The...

  • Model VP series - Vibrocultivators

    Model VP series - Vibrocultivators

    The vibrocultivator of the VP series is made with shaped pantographs and tubular elements arranged in rows. Coil springs and reversible ploughshares are fitted on to the three rows of tubular elements. It is recommended after ploughing particularly heavy clay soils, contributing to level the terrain before preparing for seeding.

  • Compacter Rollers

  • Compacter Rollers

    Compacter Rollers

    The new R series is constituted of road-worthy approved agricultural machines that can be compacted by means of hydraulic devices, and are equipped with metallic cylinders that can be weighted with water, for the levelling and compacting of the farmland. In the R models, the cylinders can be turned 90° in a longitudinal direction in order to fit within the maximum encumbrance limits allowed for road trailers. The height of the shaft...