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  • Model 560C - Flexibfa Combi Forest Machine

    Model 560C - Flexibfa Combi Forest Machine

    A stand-operating dual-machine that is easy to :onvert from forwarder to harvester without com->romising on productivity and performance. Unique olution with removable counterweight gives the 4alwa 560c the performance similar to a traditional larvester. The low weight makes the machine very uitable on sensitive ground and moors, especially vith tracks on the bogie. Can be transported on a hook lift platform. This means 'two machines in one move',...

  • Model 560 H - Harvester

    Model 560 H - Harvester

    The weight of only 5 400 kg (6 700 kg with water filled wheels) and the option to mount tracks on the boggie makes the performance perfect - even on softlands and moors.  The new Caterpillar engine with 75 hp has enough power for the Log Max 928 harvester head. With a capacity to cut 42 cm the Log Max 928 and Malwa 560H makes a perfect combination for high quality thinnings.

  • Model 560F - Harvester

    Model 560F - Harvester

    The Malwa 560F is a truly lightweight and yet productive forwarder with excellent working environment. The new 75 hp Caterpillar engine offers high torque at low rpm with less noise and fuel consumption as a result. In addition to this the low net weight and small turning radius enables the machine to operate gently and with minimal impact to the ground and trees. With the new 560F we are able to offer an extra trailer for improved load capacity with...