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  • Agrisem Sub Soilers

    Agrisem subsoilers have a reputation for technical excellence, strength and efficiency.  Whether the requirement is for a small machine for removing tram line compaction or a large machine for wide widths or extreme depths, there is likely to be a sub soiler to suit in the Agrisem range.

  • Agrisem - Model Combiplow Gold - Sub Soilers

    Agrisem - Model Combiplow Gold - Sub Soilers

    Bridge like frame made of 160 x 160 mm reinforced steel tubing. Min./max. horsepower to work in combination with a power harrow: 90 - 210 hp. Tractor top link coupling cat. n° 3. 2 parking stands. Shear bolt security. Under frame clearance: - 80 cm. TCS Blades 650. Working depth: - 15 to 35 cm. Working width 3m and 4m. Transport width 2.58m and 3.86m rigid. Weight with coupling : 3m: 645 kg, 4m: 841 kg.

  • Agrisem Tine and Disc Combinations

    Agrisem offer probably the most versatile tine/disc combinations on the market.  Whether you choose to combine a Combi Plow with  a Super Disc set, or look to a Maximulch which will enable the tines and discs to be placed in the frame as you require, you will never be committed to a piece of equipment which cannot adapt to your needs and changing conditions.

  • Agrisem - Model Maximulch Series 3 - Tine and Disc Combinations

    Agrisem - Model Maximulch Series 3 - Tine and Disc Combinations

    Combined equipment soil loosener / stubble-breaker with independent discs. Reinforced steel tubing frame with 3 beams 120X120 mm. TCS Blades with share bolt security or auto-reset spring security. Discs diameter 0560. 3D security system with percussion spring 35x35. High security, without lubrification SR hubs.Optimal discs angles with positive  pitch for power savings. Retractable blades with adjustable heigth. Working width 3 m - 3.5 m - 4 m...

  • Agrisem Fert & Seed Hoppers

    Agrisem offer a range of front hoppers capable of handling seed and/or fertiliser.  Whether you are looking for a mechanical drive single product hopper or a fully electrically driven two product hopper there is likely to be something in the range to suit your needs.

  • Agrisem - Model DSF 1600 - Front Hopper

    Agrisem - Model DSF 1600 - Front Hopper

    Hopper capacity 1600 litres. Stainless steel distribution with flutings. Volumetric control of sowing density. Pneumatic distribution of seeds by air flow.Hydraulically driven fan, engine 6cm3. Standard front gangway. Totalry covered by tarpaulin. Fan features; 180/200 bar, P = 8.1 kW, 30L/min. Air pressure = 80-90mB maxi. 2 distribution heads, 16 or 24 outlets. Empty weight DSF 1600: 694 kg. Hopper width: 2.20 m.

  • Agrisem Seed Drills

    Agrisem provide a wide range of seeding solutions, many with the ability to also place fertiliser.  No matter how challenging the situation there is likely to be a practical and versatile solution in the Agrisem range.

  • Agrisem - Model Disc-O-Mulch - Seed Drills

    Agrisem - Model Disc-O-Mulch - Seed Drills

    The Disc-O-Mulch comes in a large range of sizes from 2.5m to 12m. Its strengh and flexibility are huge assets to this machine. With many options available to suit your needs, clod boards can be fitted at various points aswell as a selection if different packers. All the disc units are attached using the patented spring tine which gives the disc full 3D movement with ease. And all the hubs are all maintance free. The front row of discs are larger than...

  • Agrisem - Model Triosem - Seed Drills

    Agrisem - Model Triosem - Seed Drills

    Reinforced frame, 120 x 120 mm. Seeding units positioned in 2 or 3 rows. Distribution of fertilizers under the seed row by the seeding shares. Standard wearing parts equipped with carbide. Frame with 3 beams with or without disc coulters. Spacing between rows: 25 em. Seeding width from 3 to 4 m rigid and 4 to 6 m folding. Power requirement min./max.: 707350 hp. Shear bolt security or spring security. Top link coupling n°3 spacing and n*3 pins....