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  • Classic Tillers

  • Mantis - Electric Tiller

    Mantis - Electric Tiller

    Weighing only 21 lbs / 9.5 kg, the incredibly powerful but lightweight Mantis Electric Tiller tills even the hardest of soils. The secret is the Mantis serpentine tines! Use the Mantis Electric Tiller to easily break new ground when you’re ready to start your garden. Once your garden is established, use the Mantis Electric Tiller to cultivate and weed. Maintaining your...

  • Mantis - Cordless Cultivator

    Mantis - Cordless Cultivator

    The Mantis 58V Cordless Cultivator is the first battery-powered rotovator unit worthy to be called a Mantis. The Mantis Cordless Cultivator starts instantly, runs quietly, with all the power you need to dig up existing garden beds or break ground for planting new ones. Runs up to 30 minutes on a full charge. Weighs only 26 pounds / 12 kilograms. Easy to lift into raised beds. Includes wheels for easy tranThe Mantis 58V Cordless Cultivator is the first...

  • Model 1000W - Electric Cultivator

    Model 1000W - Electric Cultivator

    The Mantis Electric Cultivator delivers quiet tilling and cultivating power you will appreciate. This small rotovator is powered by a clean, efficient electric motor. Refresh or renovate existing garden beds or break ground for planting new ones. The compact size works in any size garden. Weighs only 24 pounds / 11 kilograms so you can easily lift it into raised beds. Includes 3-position wheels. Try it for 90 days in your garden with no risk. The...

  • Tiller Attachments

  • Mantis - Plough Attachment

    Mantis - Plough Attachment

    The Mantis Plough makes deeper furrows and higher mounds. This attachment helps you create ideal growing conditions for your potatoes, leeks, etc. Potatoes and leeks require regular attention to ensure they grow in a deep planted environment. This is where the Plough can really help. Like a plough, set the furrower to the required depth, allow the tiller to move forward and the plough blade creates a wide furrow. This action can also be used to earth...

  • Mantis - Planter Attachment

    Mantis - Planter Attachment

    Dig furrows in any soil! Two special tines dig deep, 6' wide furrows, perfect for tomato plants and corn, beans, potato eyes, asparagus roots, onion sets, and flower bulbs. You get drought-resistant root growth and excellent yields from root crops. Great for tilling in narrow areas. Saves time and energy in the garden! Also perfect for creating raised beds, or cutting trenches for underground irrigation hoses, or low-voltage accent and patio...

  • Mantis - Model Classic, Deluxe 9 / 23 cm Tillers - Dethatcher / Rake Attachment

    Mantis - Model Classic, Deluxe 9 / 23 cm Tillers - Dethatcher / Rake Attachment

    Are weeds and crab grass a problem for you? Then you need this attachment! Quickly removes weeds, dead grass, moss, and the tan-looking built-up 'thatch' that can choke your lawn. The 60 spring-steel picks let you dethatch a 15' / 38.1 cm swath with a single pass. Eliminate hours of back-breaking work. Thatch harbors insects, creates a water barrier, and prevents new grass from growing. Dethatch your lawn regularly, especially before feeding and...

  • Composters

  • Mantis - Original ComposTumbler

    Mantis - Original ComposTumbler

    Makes Compost in 10-14 Days: Here's the garden composting product that started a revolutionary new way to make compost nearly 40 years ago! It's easy to load. This batch composter has the largest capacity of any we offer - it holds up to 635 Litres! It's easy to turn. It saves time and labor while providing you with a steady supply of your own homemade compost in just two weeks (or less!).

  • Mantis - ComposT-Twin Two-Bin Compost Tumbler

    Mantis - ComposT-Twin Two-Bin Compost Tumbler

    The Mantis ComposT-Twin two-bin compost tumbler ... there's always a place for your scraps, there's always compost for your garden. Create rich, nutrient-filled compost for your vegetable, fruit or flower garden. Composting is the best way to put organic nutrients back into your soil for a lush vegetable, fruit or flower garden. And the Mantis ComposT-Twin lets you do it with no mess, no odours and no hard work! Our unique two-chamber design allows...

  • 4-Stroke Tillers

  • Mantis - Classic 4-Stroke Tiller

    Mantis - Classic 4-Stroke Tiller

    The Mantis Classic tiller is lightweight, but powerful enough to till through sod and compacted soil. Its unique, serpentine tines turn soil into a fine texture, ready for planting, and are guaranteed for life against breakage! At 24 pounds (11kg) the Mantis Classic Tiller is easy to carry to your allotment, to the shed, the car, or to your neighbour who can’t wait to try it! The Mantis Classic Tiller is great for...

  • Lawn Care Attachment

  • Lawn Aerator Attachment

    Lawn Aerator Attachment

    Health is the secret of a uniform, green lawn. Aerate your lawn every year for a green carpet free from unsightly weeds.The Mantis lawn aerator cuts thousands of tiny slits in your lawn, encouraging beneficial micro-organisms in the soil. It is the single most important measure for a healthy, green lawn! The lawn aerator allows oxygen, nutrients and water to penetrate to the soil below. The grass roots can grow down deeper, making your lawn more...