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  • Trident - Model 900 - Manure Separator

    Trident - Model 900 - Manure Separator

    The Trident 900 Manure Separator with Posi-Track is designed specifically for Sand-Laden Manure (SLM) animal manure. It is a simple and efficient rotating screen separator that operates in any SLM applications Scrape,  Flush or Flush Flume. Excellent resistance to abrasion, exceptional flow characteristics and superior solid removal makes the Trident perfect for any manure system application. The automated Clean in Place (CIP) cleaning system...

  • Trident  - Roller Press

    Trident - Roller Press

    When paired with a rotary separator the 36” Roller Press forms a standalone system that produces manure solids that stack. Tandem driven rolls, roller bearing construction and heavy duty mild steel construction provide excellent performance in fiber or sand laden manure. Complete with 1.5 HP motor and gearbox. Optional electrical control panel available. The hydrated polymer is injected into the waste stream via a positive displacement pump....

  • Automated Control System

    Automated Control System

    The Automated System Control is a customized controls solution to fit the process variables of advanced manure management. The complete package is pre-wired ready to hang. The PLC system includes VFDs, sensors for manure conditioners, built-in pre-adjusted time delays, emergency alarm/action circuit with alarms and total run-time timer.

  • Trident  - Metering Auger

    Trident - Metering Auger

    The Trident Metering Auger precisely meters conditioned manure from the Trident 900 Rotary Screen conditioner to the Trident TSP. The Trident Metering Auger maximizes the throughput capacity of the TSP and ensures maximum efficiency and system performance to consistently produce high quality bedding.