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In 1982 my brother and I were working at rice cultivation in the plain around Vercelli when we started to get interested in a new and scarcely widespread technology : the soil leveling system through laser control. The first leveler machines needed 140/150 HP tractors which had an average weight of 13/14 tons and couldn’t be used for rice cultivation – you can easily sink in rice fields. In agriculture the leveler machine increases harvest production up to 25-30%; it helps to reduce costs (water -50%, fertilizers and herbicides -7% or even -8%), tractor consumption, fuel-oil and workforce cultivating 70/80 hectares.

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Via Ettore Ara, 70 , Vercelli , 13100 Italy

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Internationally (various countries)

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Still, tilling has always showed us that there is a suitable solution for any problem; so we started studying how to create a leveler machine able to work with the 100/110 HP tractors usually used in our farms We ended up with a project and we entrusted RIMAT with the manufacture. But we had a stop because RIMAT bankrupted in 1985.

In 1986 we met some friends of ours at the “Palio of Asti” feast and, while we were having dinner all together, I told them about my regret for that situation: the RIMAT bankrupt had weakened our enthusiasm and we were so discouraged ! And those friends, who had the same attitude to enterprise as we had, said :” We trust you and believe in your project so we are going to invest money in this business and manufacture leveler machines with you”.

“There is always a suitable solution for any problem.” That is what happened and how MARA (the acronym for the Italian words “MacchineAgricoleRicambi e Attrezzatura”) was launched.

Here are important dates for MARA…

  • 1986: MARA starts its production manufacturing 18 machines.
  • 1987: the rival business firms become more aggressive so the manufactured machines are only 13. Besides, because of internal problems, the director is turned out and he takes away a good number of clients: there is a real risk of closing down.
  • 1987 Mr. Gian Mario Delsignore becomes Chief Executive and, thanks to his business relationship with foreign trade partners who consider him absolutely trustworthy, MARA starts selling abroad (now MARA exports 85% of its production).
  • 2001 to 2007: a joint-venture with China is created for machine manufacture and street construction in anticipation of the 2008 Olympic Games.
  • 2002: a factory was born in Turkey.
  • 2006: MARA acquires NOVAC company and trademark (soon afterwards it becomes NOVAK).
  • 2010. MARA shows its production very successfully at the Sao Paulo and Porto Alegre (Brazil) trade fairs. The managing team even thinks of transferring there technology and production. – In India a comparative test with the locally manufactured machines is held and the great difference between MARA and the other producers takes evidence.

Now MARA produces 24 different laser control leveler machines, 7 grader models and 3 scraper models. Mr Gian Mario Delsignore is still Chief Executive.