Mark One S.r.l.

Mark One S.r.l.

Mark One S.r.l.

Mark One S.r.l., the owner of the Pomac brand, produces tomato harvesters branded Pomac, offering its customers a top quality product, fruit of the experience, skill and renewed energy that constitute its solid foundations. Pomac has become the reference name on the market for tomato harvesters over its thirty years of activity.

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Via d`Azeglio, 31 , Bologna (BO) , 40123 Italy
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Crop Cultivation
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Mark One, Zero Problems
Spare parts service
Mark One ‘s spare parts service is made of a specialized staff with nearly thirty years of experience in the supply of spare parts for agricultural machinery of the most renowned producers of tomato, grape and fruit harvesters, and tanks for weed control.
Electronic tomato sorting machines
Our technical assistance department for electronic sorting machines, operates in respect of the the existing hardware and software standards and with awareness of the evolving technology for its components.
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Support & Consultancy
Mark One workforce makes a direct contact with the customer: we strive to provide the end user with an experienced partner, able to cover every specific requirement; our goal is to offer the most efficient and timely response to the customer and the swift delivery of components.

Tomato harvesting machines with Pomac trademark

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Unique fruit conveyor system: with single belt and no intermediate steps that are instead necessary in other machines. No more bruises!
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Our Staff, with thirty years experience in the supply of spare parts for agricultural machinery, grants maximum precision in the management of orders and in meeting delivery times.

Our Technical Support Sorters Department, with more than ten years’ experience in the industry: combine technical skills, operational capacity and compliance with existing hardware and software standards.

Our expertly qualified people are readily prepared to meet end user's specific requirements.

A broad Choice
Our catalog offers all the component parts for tomato harvesting machines and electronic sorting machines from the world's leading manufacturers.

Detailed information
Our customers receive constant accurate updates about the status of their orders and of the care dedicated to them.
Dedicated support team
We maintain direct contact with customers: we constantly strive to provide the end user with an experienced partner able to cover very specific requirements.
Research & development
Our technical staff maintain the hardware and software of electronic sorting machines constantly up to date with the latest technologies. Our spare parts catalog is constantly updated through continuous market research.
Simplified orders
Handle with the utmost precision every request and strive to meet delivery times: the best way to satisfy our customers.

Award Winning Service
We work together with our customers to win: Mark One, Zero problems