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  • Potting Machines

  • Potting Machine

    Potting Machine

    Drills and pot holders are available in nearly any size. Drill plates and container distribution forks can be supplied as well, just like the necessary compressor and electricity cables. Any other special requirements can be produced at the well-equipped facility of Martin Stolze bv.

  • Stolze - Quattro  - Model 3030  - Potting Machine

    Stolze - Quattro - Model 3030 - Potting Machine

    We are pleased to introduce to you our latest patented development: the Stolze 3030 Quattro potting machine. This concept is an upgrade version of the Stolze 3030 and during recent tests it reached a capacity of over 15,000 pots per hour. By adding some, seemingly simple, additions to the Stolze 3030 (with a standard capacity of 8,000 pots per hour), this increased capacity is within reach. This concept is currently further being developed, but the...