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  • Big M - Hedge Trimmer

  • Model BH24 - Hedge Trimmer

    Model BH24 - Hedge Trimmer

    Engine CER230.Displacement (cc) 22.5.Approx. Weight (lbs/kg) 9.9 / 4.5.Fuel Tank apacity (oz./lt) 15.2 / 0.45.Blade Type Double-sided.Blade Length 24 / 61.CARB & EPA Compliant Yes.Warranty1 year commercial, 5 years consumer.Item No.362364

  • Trimmers & Brush Cutters

  • Model BC2321 - Trimmers & Brush Cutters

    Model BC2321 - Trimmers & Brush Cutters

    Our lifetime-warrantied solid steel inner drive shaft is threaded — not splined — at the clutch drum and is bronze-bushing supported for smoother power transmission.Two-cycle high efficiency, state of the art EFORCE™ low emission engines feature all ball and needle bearing supported components.Chrome-moly crankshafts, thick chrome-plated aluminum cylinders, and dual-ring pistons.Dual isolation anti-vibration system minimizes high and...

  • Multicutter Systems

  • Model M23 - Multicutter Systems

    Model M23 - Multicutter Systems

    All engines are equipped with our NO SWEAT™ STARTER ASSIST SYSTEM for no-fuss easy starts. Superior performance and low vibration make them a breeze during those long-hour days.Our unique coupler design uses a combination clamping knob and detent pin that allows for easy, secure, tool-free attachment changeovers.

  • Edgers

  • Model E27 - Edger

    Model E27 - Edger

    Extreme-duty Maruyama commercial engines with high-load gearcases deliver superior, clean cutting power and torque.High visibility shield, oversized guide wheels and tool-free depth adjustment for control and ease of use.Extra durable, long lasting hardened steel blades.The E27 has a rubber tracked wheel guide for better control and traction with its powerful 25.4cc engine

  • Blowers

  • Model BL32 - Blowers

    Model BL32 - Blowers

    Engine CER300.Displacement (cc) 30.2.Approx. Weight (lbs) 9.5.Air volume (cfm) 450.Air Velocity (mph) 180.Sound Rating dB (A) 68.Throttle Standard.CARB & EPA Compliant yes.Commercial Warranty 5 yrs.Item No. 395824.Illustrated Parts List BL32