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  • Tractors

  • Model 8600 Series - Tractors

    Model 8600 Series - Tractors

    The 8600 Series from Massey Ferguson. Boost your power and productivity with a  specially-priced Massey Ferguson high horsepower tractor. Visit your local dealer or our offers page to learn more. This big tractor comes with big innovations, delivering high performance with best-in-class emissions and fuel efficiency.

  • Model 7600 Series  - Mid and Frame Row Crop Tractors

    Model 7600 Series - Mid and Frame Row Crop Tractors

    Welcome to the next generation of mid-frame row crop tractors with a completely redesigned cab, generation 2 SCR technology, the industry leader in emissions control, and all new family styling. The 7600 Series features the choice of the exclusive Dyna-VT™ CVT (continuously variable transmission) which provides infinitely variable speed control from supercreep to transport speed without shifting, jerking or a delay in traction or power, or the...

  • Combines & Hay Equipment

  • Massey Ferguson - Model 9500 Series - Axial Combines

    Massey Ferguson - Model 9500 Series - Axial Combines

    Ever since Massey Ferguson introduced the first self-propelled combine in 1938, our commitment to your next harvest has been unwavering. The Massey Ferguson 9500 Series integrate simplicity, innovative design features, excellent capacity, and unparalleled reliability into a combine designed as a leader in the market, not just a competitor. Every aspect of our new 9500 Series has been rethought. And many of the features completely reengineered. All in...

  • Model 9005 Series  - Combine

    Model 9005 Series - Combine

    Innovation is key in modern agricultural and the 9505 series combine delivers on this requirement. Using information provided by those of you running combines day in and day out we have once again redefined harvesting innovation. The features on the 9505 series combines ensure an efficient harvest without sacrificing the core needs of harvesting performance, uptime, comfort and ease of use.

  • Model 4200 - Pickup Header

    Model 4200 - Pickup Header

    The Massey Ferguson 4200 pickup header provides the right platform to feed those large grain swaths without issue. Whether you are harvesting canola in western Canada, or grass seed in the western United States, the Massey Ferguson 4200 header will provide direct even crop flow into the combine. These heads have been designed with an emphasis on performance and reliability to ensure you harvest flows smoothly.

  • Implements & Attachments

  • Model 1405 	 - High Horsepower Front Loaders

    Model 1405 - High Horsepower Front Loaders

    If you're going to be loading with a powerful tractor, you'd better have a front loader that's just as strong, stable and hard-working. Mission accomplished - with Quicke Dimension Series front loaders from Massey Ferguson.

  • Planting & Seeding

  • Model 9100  - Rigid Frame Planter

    Model 9100 - Rigid Frame Planter

    Many operators are looking for a cost-effective planter that can capably handle the wide variety of planting conditions encountered on their operation. The model 9100 planter is engineered to accept a full complement of liquid or dry fertilizer attachments as well as row-unit-mounted or frame mounted tillage attachments that make it the ideal match for conventional, reduced tillage, and no-till planting applications. The 6-row or 8-row 9100 Series...