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  • All Watering Systems

    Simple, inexpensive and easy to install, our complete watering systems for greenhouses and gardens come with everything you need to get started. Choose from a wide selection of watering systems that utilise rainwater or mains tap water for reliable, efficient garden irrigation.

  • Water Butt Drip System for 10 Plants

    Water Butt Drip System for 10 Plants

    The Water Butt Drip Watering system (gravity system) contains:- 10 x Professional Adjustable Drippers, 10 x Support Stakes, 1 x Threaded Water Butt Tap, 1 x Manifold 4mm, 9 x 4mm tees, 1 x 10m x 4mm Hose. Water the plants on your allotment from your water butt using gravity. The professional adjustable drippers allow you to set a very slow drip enabling continuous watering for several days at a time. This easy to install watering system will maintain...

  • Soaker - Model 200 - Dripline Dripper System

    Soaker - Model 200 - Dripline Dripper System

    The LARGE Soaker Dripline System contains:- 1 x 30m 13mm supply hose, 2 x 30m soaker dripline, 20 dripline connectors, 20 dripline end stops, 20 dripline pegs, 1 x tap / timer connector, 1 x tee, 2 x end stops, 10 x elbows, 1 x key /punch.  Soaker Dripline is an advanced method of drip-watering that uses emitters spaced every 30cm along the hose to seep water into your soil. Unlike leaky-hose, these emitters use a highly...

  • Rainwater Irrigation

    Make the most of your rainwater and save money with the simple, effective water butt irrigation systems. Choose from a wide selection of easy-to-install rainwater irrigation systems that are capable of watering plants directly from your water butt. We supply Pumped and Gravity rainwater irrigation systems for hanging baskets, house plants, pot plants, vegetabl

  • Gravity Water Timer

    Gravity Water Timer

    Control the flow of water from your water butt with this gravity water timer, a simple and reliable timer using 2 dials to control the  frequency and duration of watering.

  • Watermate - Model 601W - Garden Pump

    Watermate - Model 601W - Garden Pump

    The powerful Watermate 601W garden pump has an efficient flow rate of 50 litres per minute and a maximum head of 35 metres, this level of performance allows you to water a large greenhouse or extensive garden area. Watering your lawn with the Watermate Pump is easy when combined with one of our sprinklers see our extensive range of  Garden Sprinklers Now!

  • Special Offers

  • Two Way Manifold

    Two Way Manifold

    Create two outlets from one tap Standard 3/4' tap connector to fit your threaded outside tap Two easy twist on/off valves with 3/4' threads perfect for water timers or standard hose fitings. Manufactured from good quality plastics.

  • Polytunnel Watering Systems

    Polytunnel watering systems make gardening a pleasure. Browse our selection of great value watering systems that include gravity flow systems, timers and pressurised vortex jets. Growing your own fruit and veg in a polytunnel is so rewarding. You’ll be able to grow plants that wouldn’t ordinarily be able to stand up to our cold, wet weather. So if you’ve invested in a polytunnel make sure you’ve also taken the same care in managing irrigation.

  • Orbit - Multi Zone controller

    Orbit - Multi Zone controller

    The Orbit Multi Zone controller has the potential to water up to 4 seperate areas in your garden. The system is supplied with 2 solenoid valves to enable you to water 2 areas immediately. The system comprises of 1 x timer, 2 x solenoid valves and 1 x 4 way tap manifold. You can add extra solenoid valves to give you 3 areas or even 4 areas of seperate watering.The system is battery-operated with a low battery indicator so there is no need to carry out...