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  • Hellios - Model II - Versatile Self Propelled Sprayers

    Hellios - Model II - Versatile Self Propelled Sprayers

    The Hellios is a highly versatile self-propelled sprayer. The machine features a 140 hp engine and booms between 24 to 38m width. Hellios: from 24 to 32 m; model Hellios 36:b>Hellios 36: 36, 36/38 and 38 m), 2500 or 3000 l main tank)< The Hellios is the lightest sprayer in it’s category: With an unladen weight of 6,3 t only and a hydromechanic transmission on the rear axle, the Hellios allows operations at a very early stage in the season...

  • Matrot - Model Xenon - Self-Propelled Sprayers

    Matrot - Model Xenon - Self-Propelled Sprayers

    In 2012 MATROT added the Xenon to their line of self-propelled sprayers. This unit responds to the ever increasing need of farmers for higher output and technicity. With its large main tank capacity (4300 or 5200 liters) and its large booms (up to 50 meters), the Xenon sets a new standard on the front boom sprayer merket. The Xenon is available in two versions: the Xenon Expert and

  • Other Products

  • Cutter Bar

    Cutter Bar

    The best tool to improve your rape harvests.Easy installation and maintenance.Increase your yield.Rugged and powerfull. Compatible with all reapers.

  • Mobil Cord

    Mobil Cord

    The best tool to fight against mounted beets :Easy to install.Easy to use. Compatible with all tractors.

  • Model DGPS - Positioning System

    Model DGPS - Positioning System

    MATROT offer a full range of these high-tech solutions for their range of sself-propelled sprayer(optional). Opt for a quickreturn on investment.  Increase your yields and efficiency by adopting precision farming techniques. Value added tools such asGlobal Positioning System, really improve working conditions.