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We’ve traveled the world researching and mastering the techniques of growing these gorgeous flowers. Our easy-care, long-lasting and vibrant orchids make any space more beautiful. Matsui Orchids are available from fine grocers, florist and retailers throughout California and nationwide. We offer a wide range of stunning colors, sizes and varieties to compliment any home, business or office decor.

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1645 Old Stage Road , Salinas , California 93908 USA

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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Nationally (across the country)

When Andy Matsui founded Matsui Nursery in 1967, he set out to make the world a more beautiful place.  In 1998, we started the nation's first orchid retail program and today we're one of the world's largest potted orchid growers. Proudly grown in California's Salinas Valley, we're delighted to bring our easy-care and long-lasting orchids to our customers throughout North America.

We hand grow millions of beautiful, high-quality orchids every year.

 As one of the largest orchid growers in the world, Matsui Nursery offers hundreds of varieties to choose from in a range of stunning colors, shapes and sizes. We’re delighted to bring easy-care, long-lasting orchids to our customers throughout North America.

Our journey started when Andy Matsui traveled to the US from Japan in 1961 and learned how to grow mums in a one-year Farm Bureau training program. The opportunity to start his own business coupled with the striking and vast expanses of California had Andy hooked and he soon moved permanently to California with his wife, Mary, and their first daughter —  now Matsui Nursery's president — Teresa Matsui. 

When Andy founded Matsui Nursery in 1967, he set out to make the world a more beautiful place. He soon purchased 50 acres in California’s Salinas Valley and put up our first greenhouses. We grew chrysanthemums, then roses. In the 1990s, Andy got interested in orchids and started to grow them on large scale. In 1998, we converted our nursery to growing orchids and became a pioneer in the industry when we started the nation’s first orchid grocery retail program that year.

Today, our expert greenhouse team hand grows millions of beautiful, high-quality orchids under our 2.8 million square feet of greenhouses, the equivalent of about 64  football fields, in the Salinas Valley and New Jersey.  We grow the industry's largest variety of orchids, including Phalaenopsis, Miltonias, Exotics, Cymbidiums, and much more.  Matsui Nursery's orchids can be found at specialty florists, wholesalers, and fine retailers, with greatest availability on the West Coast.

Our mission is to make lives more beautiful, one orchid at a time.  

To help make our community a better place to live, Matsui Nursery actively supports organizations that serve and inspire disadvantaged and underserved communities in the Salinas Valley and throughout Monterey County, California.
Established by Matsui Nursery founder Andy Matsui in 2004, the mission of the Matsui Foundation is to empower students through education and to enrich lives through career opportunities.  Through the sales of our orchids, Matsui Nursery and the Matsui family fund the foundation, which supports outstanding scholars who are experiencing economic hardship that would prevent them from pursuing their academic and professional ambitions. The Matsui Foundation’s current focus is scholarships for students enrolled in the innovative CSin3 program offered through Hartnell College and California State University, Monterey Bay. The CSin3 program awards graduates undergraduate bachelor's of science degrees in computer science in just three years.

Doing better by doing good.

One of the reasons Matsui Nursery has been a successful business for nearly 50 years is that we’ve always believed in doing business within our means. We’ve saved significant money and resources because we seek out innovative techniques that make the most of our natural resources and minimize chemical inputs. Conservation is key to our being a successful and socially responsible business.

Years ago, we took part in a PG&E sponsored initiative to replace our greenhouse single-ply fiberglass with Lexan polycarbonate acrylic. In the first year, we reduced our energy costs by nearly 40%  due to reduced heating and cooling needs. In addition, the Lexan proved to create an ideal atmosphere for our orchids. 

As California faces one of the worst and longest droughts in years, farmers throughout the state are working hard to reduce their water usage.  At Matsui Nursery, we’re fortunate that, as compared to most agricultural crops, our orchids don’t demand a lot of water to thrive. Nevertheless, we respect our limited natural resources and continually strive to minimize our impact on our fragile earth. 

Two years ago, we began utilizing a mixture of moss and bark for planting our orchids which allow us to use about 30% less water than those planted in traditional bark-only medium. At our 74-acre main facility in Salinas, each of our greenhouses collect rainwater runoff and diverts it to one of four reservoirs on our property, which re-perk the groundwater aquifer below. We've also developed a technique to reclaim wastewater from our reverse osmosis system. In addition, we have an underground post-irrigation network that collects excess irrigation water then channels it back into the groundwater supply.