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  • Agricultural Range

  • Dribble Bars

    Dribble Bars

    Dribble bars are the must modern way of spreading organic fertilizer on cereals with as little harm as possible. Product distribution is uniform thanks to the manifold on all distribution pipes placed every 30 cm. Rack come standard with one or two vertical chopper distributors (depending on width) and an anti drip system. Many options may also be added to dribble bars, such as a sway corrector, section cut offs, as well as drop pipe cut offs located...

  • Splash Plate Racks

    Splash Plate Racks

    The splash plate or nozzle rack provides for regular spreading regardless of effluent type. With a nozzle every 1.5 m, it is available in 12, 15, 18 and 24 meters. The 24 meter model is equipped with a standard sway corrector and 2 spherical side diffusers for better distribution throughout the width.

  • Pit Agitators

    Pit Agitators

    The interest in agitation : homogenizing various fertilizing elements in the slurry contents (nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium) at various pit levels (crust, clear liquid, and sediment). Regular agitation provides for spreading a homogenous product, facilitating the tanker's work. Agitators are available in 5,7 m and 7 m versions. Equiped with a 600 mm Ø screw and a 60  mm axis, MAUGUIN CITAGRI agitators are designed to mix and homogenize...

  • Model 11000 L - Flushing Tanker

    Model 11000 L - Flushing Tanker

    Sceptic tanks must be emptied every 4 years, this requirement gives service companies new opportunities. To fulfil our clients expectations, MAUGUIN CITAGRI designs and manufactures customs made flushing tankers. Pumping, high pressure cleaning, unblocking, removing sludge - our flushing tankers allow you to offer a wide range of services and provide service in all conditions.

  • Tankerless Spreading

    Tankerless Spreading

    Tankerless spreading avoids pulling the tanker on the road and in the field and provided for acting rapidly on low bearing soils. This system provides the opportunity for distributing around a pit or a lagoon and minimized downtime. The system is composed of a pump located alongside the storage, a reel with the pipework and dribble bar. Two pumping flowrates are availables : 95 or 120 m3 / hour. The maximum distance is 1000 m with flexible pipework...