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Bob Maurer believed there was a better method for timing the unloading of clean grain from the combine. This was the spark for the Maurer Grain Tank Extension, a product that took the combine aftermarket by storm and provided the foundation for all we offer today.In 2000 the Maurer’s transitioned ownership to a group of individuals with years of experience in the manufacturing and supplying of agricultural equipment. Thus began the affiliation with Demco, a relationship that provides the ag equipment market with an unparalleled offering of innovative quality products and services.Each day we make decisions that impact the way our customers do business. We strive to make products and conduct operations in a way that makes each customer proud to have the Maurer Manufacturing logo on their equipment.

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1300 38th Avenue West, P.O. Box 160 , Spencer , Iowa 51301 USA

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Maurer Manufacturing was founded in 1990 by Bob & Peg Maurer. 
The original idea came from Bob setting in his combine with the grain tank full waiting for a truck to arrive. With this Bob came up with the original folding grain tank extension to add bushel capacity to your combine grain tank. After originally designing and building a grain tank extension for his personal combine Bob decided to display his design at a local dealer open house. The feedback from this open house was overwhelming and the decision was to start production of the Maurer combine grain tank extension on the Bob & Peg Maurer farm in rural Sutherland Iowa, thus the introduction of Maurer Manufacturing. Production of the Maurer product line started in 1990 on the farm and continued until 1995 when production was re-located to Spencer Iowa. In 1996 there was a fire that destroyed the paint facility on the farm; hence the necessity of a new paint facility, this new paint facility was built at the Maurer production manufacturing site in Spencer Iowa which consolidated all of the Maurer facility in one location.

With Maurer Manufacturing all being located in a single location the growth of the company quickly followed. Soon thereafter the original combine grain tank extension was followed by a new product, the 440 grain trailer. This was a 440 bushel gooseneck trailer designed to pull behind your pickup truck. The next product offering from Maurer was the combine header transport with the original tricycle design for true towing at high speeds and maneuverability. In 1997 the Steel hopper bottom grain trailer was added to the product offering with the reputation for hopper clearance allowing swing hopper augers to swing conveniently under the trailer for unloading purposes. After the addition of the hopper bottom grain trailers to our product offering the Maurer trailer dealers quickly presented a strong case for a Maurer Drop Deck semi trailer. With this request at hand Maurer did indeed introduce a semi Drop Deck trailer to our product offering in 1999.

In the year 2000 Bob & Peg Maurer decided to sell Maurer Manufacturing to a group of investors. At this time the group of investors founded Lakes Enterprises, doing business as Maurer Manufacturing. The group of investors is comprised of a few private individuals as well as Demco. This is the affiliation between Maurer Manufacturing and Demco. Maurer Manufacturing is located in the Industrial Park area just on the Western edge of Spencer. Currently we have 30-acres of real estate with 134,000 square feet under roof. Maurer employs 100 team members throughout the company with plans of employing 125 team members in the near future.

Today the original product category of combine grain tank extensions is a staple of the product offering from Maurer. The Header Transports, Steel grain trailers, and Drop Deck trailers have grown to a very active and productive category for the company. Through the course of time Maurer has diversified our product offering with the addition of Gondola trailers and Roll Off containers which are utilized in the Scrap and Recycling Industries. In the year 2010 Maurer Manufacturing acquired an Aluminum hopper grain trailer from GEM-L Manufacturing in Brandon South Dakota. Today the Aluminum hopper bottom grain trailer is an active and growing part of the Maurer product offering.