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  • Plows

  • Model BHW-24 - Hi Wheel Plow

    Model BHW-24 - Hi Wheel Plow

    Perfect for smaller gardens, this human powered cultivator will furrow, weed and plow your tilled soils. It’s been around for generations because it’s easy to push and maneuver. The 4-1/2' handles provide excellent leverage and maneuverability.

  • Model PH50B - Hoss Plow

    Model PH50B - Hoss Plow

    Plows like a mule without the kick!! Maxim’s Plow Hoss is a one wheel garden cultivator with a selection of plows - does everything a mule and plow used to do only faster. With all steel construction and simplicity of maintenance and operation, count on years of weed control.  Additional accessories are available. This one wheel garden cultivator comes with a selection of plows. With all steel construction and simplicity of...

  • Sprinklers

  • Tillers- Consumer Tillers

  • Model M30NB - Mini Tiller

    Model M30NB - Mini Tiller

    The M30NB features Maxim’s smallest transmission lets you really throw some dirt with maximum tine speeds of approximately 150 RPM. Mix in soil amendments, till and dig holes for shrubs and small trees with the Maxim Mini. It provides great power and endurance.

  • TrimMasters - Trimmers

  • TrimMasters - Model MBWT5BN - Trimmer

    TrimMasters - Model MBWT5BN - Trimmer

    Let Maxim’s TrimMaster do the hard work for you! With its large, ball-bearing wheels, it makes maneuvering around trees, fences, hard to reach areas and obstacles a breeze. It’s ideal for trimming, and cutting high grass and weeds. This model features a rugged, steel side discharge shield to protect the operator from debris.