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  • Bridge - Chain Harrow

    Bridge - Chain Harrow

    Main advantages of the “Bridge” design. Due to the angle of all parts of the Harrow, the framework allows the Harrow to do much of the work, not just the teeth, and tends to separate all joints, increasing wearability. This design also allows the tail section to stay down and not roll forward. The draw bar is made from strong round structural tubing.

  • 3 Pt. Lift Frame Harrow

    3 Pt. Lift Frame Harrow

    The most compact lift frame on the market. The main frame (A Frame) is easy to ship, stock and handle. The frame raises the Drag Harrow by the Harrow’s centre. This accentuates the unique, geometric design of the Frame. This design also reduces the number of drop Chains necessary to attach the Harrow to the frame.

  • Swivel - Model 2M - On Wheels Caddy Chain Harrow

    Swivel - Model 2M - On Wheels Caddy Chain Harrow

    Model 2M swivels for narrow width transporting. It handles Harrow widths of 17′ through 26′. We call it a Harrow Caddy, but they are more like a Chain Harrow on wheels. It is a simple design with many advantages: