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  • Tillage

  • Shank Protectors

    Shank Protectors

    Protect critical stress point on metal shank from excessive wear. The non-stick poly surface lets the shank and attached shovel glide through even sticky soil. It resists fraiction that causes dragging when cultivating and digging.

  • Undercutter V-Plow Shank Savers

    Undercutter V-Plow Shank Savers

    As the V-plow undercuts the ground, the poly shank saver lessens the furrowing of the soil. It helps keep the top soil undisturbed as well as creates a uniform and shallow depth on final operation before planting. Shields are large enough for the anhydrous sprayer tubes to fit between the shank saver and the shank.

  • Model JD A15596 & NU1036 - Moldboard Covers

    Model JD A15596 & NU1036 - Moldboard Covers

    Prevent soil build-up. Hardward and Drill bit included. May Wes poly eliminates sticking even in wet soil. The plow or tillage equipment glides through clay, gumbo or heavy black dirt. Save fuel and energy Less friction and compaction relieve stress and pulling on equipment. Custom Formed Each poly moldboard is formed to fit the curve of the moldboard. They are predrilled to match existing holes in moldboard for easier installation.

  • Model JD 7730, 7830, 7930 - Lift Switch

    Model JD 7730, 7830, 7930 - Lift Switch

    Lift Switch automatically engage to lift implements when you shift into reverse, eliminating implement damage when backing up.  It is a simple solution - a relay switch that easily plugs into your tractor's wiring harness.

  • Planting - Closing Wheels

  • Star Closing Wheel

    Star Closing Wheel

    Poly Closing Wheels last Longer and Wear Better. Tough. Eliminates breakage. Durable. Absorbs impact and prevents corrosion. Slick. Reduces build up and drag. Outperforms. Replacement for factory closing wheels. Star Poly Closing Wheels: Crumbles compacted soil; 12' outside diameter; Applications for planter closing wheel and row cleaner. Sold as kitted pairs or singles. Kits include poly wheel, bearings and hardware. Lifetime Warranty against...