Mazzotti built its first self-propelled machine in 1987 and in just a few years became the market leader in Italy with an 85% share of the national market. During the course of the last decade, the increase in demand for food and the resulting need for precision agriculture drove Mazzotti to develop products specifically for new markets, targeting 80% of its production on exports. The production of the MAF series is part of this development, just like all the models in the IBIS series that have been completely updated and continue to be the benchmark for specific areas or crops. New designs are now going into production or being prepared for launching onto the market, and they will enable the company to achieve an annual level of production of 200 units during 2015. Always sensitive to the new demands of the market and true to its roots, its products are reliable as are its relations with its clients. During the past year the company has been selecting dealers throughout the world.

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Via Dismano, 138/a , Ravenna , 48124 Italy

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A continuous technologic development together with more than 60 years of experience in the agricultural-industrial field, allowed to reach the perfection in the actual production: a rich and complete range of machines in Land Moving, Spraying and Sugar-beet. A production of very high quality, in particular for the range of backhoes and self-propelled sprayers, the top range of Mazzotti, investing lot of efforts in this field, offering many different models and reaching the definition of leader in Italy. Always granting technical quality as peculiar in whole Mazzotti products.

The Company
Mazzotti: technology and innovation since 1948

Mazzotti was built in 1948.As years go by, core business was directed in the production of self-propelled machines, loaders and backhoes.Today Mazzotti is Italian leader in the field of agriculture for self-propelled spraying machines.

The company is organized in three main sectors:

  1. Project: inside office equipe with CAD and top technologies;
  2. Quality control;
  3. Production and mounting;
  4. Commercial: arranging directly the selling network in Italy, Europe and all over the world.